Sunday, November 30, 2008

Teenage Lovers Between The Sheets

While in San Antonio last week I bought an unusual instrument from the thrift store near my old house. It was Black Friday so everything was 50% off. I purchased a kantele and sheet music for $15. I didn't know what it was at first but my friend and I did some extensive research and we found that it was a Finnish instrument with a mythological background. Pretty cool. I sold it to Rebecca for her band JEN. She really wanted an auto harp because it's huggable but the kantele can totally be hugged.

I've wanted to direct a music video for Jason Castro ever since I won Be Your Own Pet's video contest this past summer. He currently has no "official" music video or album. I just can't see Jason in an expensive music video. He's so modest and humble. I could see something low key and independently directed. And who better to direct his first video than a fan of his music.

If I could choose I would create a video for his new song "Shine Your Light" or "Love Uncompromised"

I've already made up in my mind what this video would look like.

Future Husband:

Bud Cort in the film Harold and Maude.
He has the creepy sort of cuteness in the movie.
I think his character made me fall in love with the macabre.
As a result, I made my parents rent me a hearse for my 17th birthday and for my Prom.

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