Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Swappers Delight

My life is currently consumed by All I care about is joining new swaps, sending my packages out, and receiving things in the mail. School is still first on my list of priorities, but swapping is a close second. At the moment I am the host of 3 swaps. Harold & Maude Lovers, Wes Anderson's World, and Juno (letters to Paulie). I have a few more swap ideas in mind as well but I'll save those for a time when the site is in need of good swaps. For now I will continue to work on the many swaps I'm participating in as well as hosting.
If you have lots of time on your hands, a creative touch, and a little disposable income, then I welcome you to join
Oh, you should also join if you love to get stuff in the mail.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Home

I finally buckled down and got a blogspot. I am such a sell out. My old blog home was myspace. Everyone else was doing it, why can't I?
Well hopefully this blog will fill the void that Myspace and Facebook could not. I decided to abandon both of those sites in order to concentrate on schoolwork. From now on I will only be checking my e-mail (personal and school) , my Swap-bot, and now this. I also keep myself updated on and but those are not as frequent. My myspace and facebook will only be checked on Saturdays. I'm going to concentrate more on my writing and swaps. Change is good, for the most part.