Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let Your Fiber Show

Ugh. I can't register for classes until I pay the educational vampires that I call St. Edward's University.
I miss Frank and his scarf Fibrola. Seriously, she was like the best scarf EVER. And she only ever looked good with his mystical Unicorn tee.
If you ask someone if they are the Devil, and they freak out...chances are they're the Devil.

My new style icon might be Mickey Mouse ...or Luke Skywalker. I've seen someone around campus wearing a Yoda backpack. And a Chewbacca backpack.

Possible travel locations: Tulsa this Thanksgiving, Dallas in December, Marfa next May, London a year from now.

I will never be a wunderkind.

When I am older I will start a recycling center in San Antonio, Texas. It will be like The Free Store of Haight-Ashbury. People will be able to donate their unwanted items and take anything they want for free. I'm not sure how I will pay the bills with this recycling center but I know it is exactly what San Antonio needs. Maybe I will rent space out for events and live music and charge an entrance fee in order to keep the free store running.
Comment me if you are interested in starting a free store in San Antonio. Austin is too advanced for this kind of thing even thought it might work better.

Magic? I'll show you magic.

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