Monday, April 27, 2009

Strange House

Friday Friday Friday was a blur.
My friends came in from San Antonio. I finished my zine Mystical One. My music video for "In Reverie" was premeired at the Sorin Reel Film Festival and I went to see The Horrors at Emo's.

Did I mention that I went home to San Antonio after the show? Well I did. And nothing really happened except I spent time with a few friends.

Mystical One turned out really well I thought. I want to thank Abraham for lending me the money to produce the copies. I distributed them at the film festival. I'm taking orders so let me know if you want a copy. They are free but I'm charging for postage if I can't hand them to you physically. I might also think about scanning it and posting it somewhere.

I'm still not sure how I feel about my second submission to the Sorin Reel Film Festival. None the less I want to thank everyone who helped me work on it.

Meeting The Horrors and taking pictures with them was surreal. They are so charming in person. They were all very polite and posed for several pictures. All the songs they played were from the new album. We asked them why they didn't play any old stuff and they simply replied, "Because we didn't want to." Faris scolded someone in the crowd for requesting a song, but I thought it was a little funny.

I wasn't too excited to see The Kills perform. They're just not my type of band. So we left after a few of their songs and walked around downtown. It was a bad idea.
I think I almost saw someone die of an overdose. It was a bit scary.

We headed back to Emo's and waited around for the bands to come out and give autographs. We ended up only catching Spider Webb, Coffin Joe, and Faris Badwan. It was fine though. We were all tired and ready to start the drive back to San Antonio.

My favorite moment of the night was taking a group picture with The Horrors and speaking with Rhys. He and Tomethy are my personal favorites.

I just wish we could have danced wildly to songs like "Sheena Is A Parasite" or "Gloves". Maybe one day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Ask Alice

These pictures speak for themselves.

All photos taken by Frank Allen Isaac on Monday April 13th 2009 in Austin, Texas.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Let It Rot

Keep San Antonio Lame.

I went home on Wednesday. (missed a show)

Saw my niece for the first time on Thursday. (so precious)

Becca-Bear spent time with Frank and I on Thursday night. (we hatched a plan)

Friday morning found us at a young man's house dropping off a letter and some gushers. (there are so many gems in San Antonio)

Frank and I hit up 3 thrift stores before the sun went down. (we were exhausted)

That night we headed to The Gig to watch Marcus Rubio and the Gospel Choir of Pillows. (possibly one of the best local bands)

Frank, Becca-Bear, and I traveled there together and met up with a young fellow by the name of Nathan. (he's something of a legend)

In the end we all got what we wanted.

Monday, April 6, 2009

You Are Not Alone

everyone has problems.
and everyone has it hard, especially right now.
you're not the only one.

when you're complaining about how hard your life is, just take a minute to think that someone out there has it harder than you.

I'm just saying, don't take things for granted. Be grateful for all that you have.

In other news I got started on my zine today. Mystical One should be out the same day my music video premieres.

I'm seriously considering submitting a short film to the San Antonio Film Festival.

My etsy shop Knitted Bliss 88 is almost up and running. I have yet to post any items but as soon as I have models and some time to take and upload pictures I will take care of that.

I think song lyrics can save your life. The fact that someone put what you are feeling to music makes you feel as though your life has a soundtrack.

"Come and get me outta this town oh now, come and save me...come and rescue me from this giant hotel full of bones and babies."
- "64 little white things"
Cake Bake Betty

"I heard you crying
Somebody stole my soul
How could I be dying
I turned 20, Five days ago

We're all on the ground,just crying out
Somebody save me please
I won't sit around just thinking about
The troubles that tomorrow brings"

- "Dying to be Alive"

Compared to others around me, my life is running quite smooth.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Update Up To Date

you know that you need to update your blog when your close friends start mentioning to you that "you haven't updated your blog in a while..."

well my computer is on the fritz and I've been so busy with projects at school.
so there isn't much time for updating.
even now i should be preparing for an exam tomorrow instead of blogging.

the last show I went to:

Jason Castro (and Michael Castro) @ Texas A&M College Station

It was a great show! He played songs from Idol as well as his own songs he wrote before he was on AI and then some of his newer songs. He also played a Spanish song for his parents and played his cover of Ray LaMontagne's cover of the Gnarles Barkley song "Crazy".
His birthday was three days before the show so a member of his band brought out a cake and the whole audience sang him Happy Birthday.

His brother Michael was a great opener and had some very entertaining banter.

I also got to talk with my friend Isaac who goes to school at A&M and was the one who bought me my ticket. I had a pretty good seat at the show.
My parents drove me all the way over there and waited in the car. I'm very grateful that my parents put up with this stuff.

Other things I've done in the past week:

Finished my costume sculpture (pictures will be added soon)

Started an Etsy store called Knitted Bliss 88 (which will only sell sweaters)

Started a Slim Twig Fan Club on Myspace

Filmed scenes for a music video I'm making (to be premiered at the Sorin Reel Film Festival)

Learned some new signs in Sign Language Club (more specifically the colors)


CDG black cardigan with red heart please!

black silk bow tie

Slim Twig Contempt! LP

Polly Pocket Necklace