Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Save Us From The Flames...

It was bitterly cold today. I had class as usual and went straight back to my apartment for some reading and internet-ing. I really really want to go thrift shopping but alas I must spend my money on more useful things like text books and electricity bills. Ugh! It sucks to be an adult. Or something like it.

My school work is starting to pile up and I'm thinking that maybe I should get a head start on some of it. We don't want a repeat of last semester.
I am my own distraction.

I love catching up with old friends. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Right now I am inspired by Youtube video comments and lint. I started making art out of it.

Future Husband:

Gareth Pugh
He is such an amazing designer.
It wouldn't even matter if I'm not his "type".

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gun Hip Swollen Lip Bottle Sip Yeah I Suck Dick

The 2nd Annual Sorin Reel Film Festival has been announced and I am oh so excited.
I've been itching to make a new video and now I have a good reason.

Today was an okay day. I went to classes. Presented a speech. Finished unraveling a knitted hat and made two hand woven accessories. I also read a musical called The Pajama Game for my Costume Design class.

It was so foggy today and on my walk home from classes I found a little dead frog.

Am I the only one who's still into Savage Garden?
"Truly Madly Deeply" and "I Knew I Loved You" were probably the truest lyrics I ever heard when I was ten years old. I like watching music videos of the songs I liked as a kid. They are always hilarious...what was I thinking?!

Future Husband:

Adam Beach
I saw the movie "Smoke Signals" when I was younger and totally thought this guy was Kocoum from Pocahontas in human form.
I love the whole Native American look but unfortunately he's less mystical looking now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't Sell Your Shamanic Star Stones on eBay!

It has been said that I live a charmed life.

I wish I had more time in the morning to get dressed.
I have more top halves than bottom halves.
I washed a bunch of shoes today. And dried them.
Smelly shoes can mess up your whole outfit.

School is going well. It's not getting any cheaper though. My classes ask us to buy a lot of things but I'm reluctant because I have a feeling that we will not really use them.
My Costume Design class requires that I buy watercolor paint but I don't know how to watercolor. So I feel as though a whole other class is needed just for that medium.

I had a bad dream recently. It opened up a lot of wounds. And then I went to someone's Facebook/Myspace profile and hurt myself even more.
I need to stop doing that. Looking at old flame's myspace pages and re-opening scars that are healed. Well maybe they're still scabs.

People are really starting to notice my hair getting longer. I don't know how I feel about that. I kind of want it to be a secret thing. Like my hair has a mind of it's own.

I want to start a correspondence with someone. Things are so easy now with e-mail, text messaging, and social networking sites. I think it is more thoughtful to send someone a letter in the mail than leave a comment on their page.
So I pretty much want a pen pal. I want to write letters to someone regularly like I did in high school. And send mix CD's and magazine clippings and random findings. I don't know who I would write to though. I would like it to be someone that I don't know too well but well enough that I could tell them personal things. Or maybe a complete stranger.
If you are also interested in this I suggest participating in Postcrossing or Post Secret.

Right now I'm really inspired by Wikipedia and Youtube.

Sometimes there are just things and people that are much more important than you. There is something bigger than you.
I have yet to meet my niece Genevive but I wish the best for both of her parents.

Future Husband:

Antony Hegarty
If you've ever heard his voice you would understand.
He is a magical child.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Man Alive Has Earned The Right To Save Me

Anything I could have come up with about sleepless nights and wakeless days has already been penned by Oscar Wilde.

He knows how I feel about being a vampire.

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."
-Oscar Wilde

He also knows a thing or two about fashion. You can agree or disagree with this as much as you want but I wish I lived during a period of anti-fashion like punk or grunge.

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." -Oscar Wilde

Sometimes I wish I were a patron of the arts. Because then I would be able to commission music from some of my favorite bands and performers. Right now I'd really like to listen to an album about "the love of God". And I would want only my favorite vocalists and musicians to be a part of the compilation in some way. I would even commission my favorite graphic artists to do the album art.
But I would come up with the title on my own. I'm thinking "Young and In Love".

Future Husband:

Dan Hunter of PlayRadioPlay!

He's one of the first Straight Edge/Christian performer's who's music I actually enjoy. Too bad he's not Christian anymore. But who am I to judge?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

We let our hair grow long and forget all we used to know

What could be better than one cat vest?
The answer is two. Two cat vests are better than one. Which means that I am the owner of not one but two cat vests. Yes!
I only have Ingrid, Sonny, and Rebecca to thank for this. Thanks guyz.

College is expensive. My books for this semester are so pricey that I contemplated dropping my entrepreneurship class just so I wouldn't have to buy the books.
I'm going to try and find a way around the expensive book prices. A few of my friends have been nice enough to give me the books I will be needing for one of my classes. And the rest I will buy on eBay or Amazon. I have also checked some of the books out from the library.

I thought this was a pretty good post secret card. I laugh every time I see that Romeo + Juliet movie with Claire Daines and Leo.

I bought some socks today from Wal-Mart and I'm pretty excited to wear them. They aren't awesome or anything but sometimes you just crave a pair of thick wooly socks. They were pretty inexpensive as well. I noticed that Wal-Mart is upping their game when it comes to the types of clothing they sell there. They have a few higher priced labels now. Jen and I were very confused whilst shopping today.

Ingrid is totally on board for creating a zine about being mystical and doing How-To's on Youtube. We want to feature others who are mystical as well so contact us if you're interested.
We are going to do a limited run of the zines and have a weekly Youtube segment on what you can do to be more mystical.

American Idol is on again. And I might be slightly addicted. Jason's younger brother Michael is a contestant on the show aaaaand....he's pretty good. I wouldn't go as far as to say he's better than Jason but ... he's good. I will support him as best I can. Because what else is there to do, get high?

I want to start a Hanson cover band. But let's get one thing straight: I'm Taylor.

Future Husband:

His songs are fun, magical, and a little gay.
I'm not sure if I'm his "type" exactly but I would marry him no matter his "preference".

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Play Me Those Songs That Remind You of Me

Today I attended my Tuesday/Thursday classes. I have Costume Design first and then Entrepreneurship. They seem very intense but I think I'm going to learn a lot in them. And both of my professors seem really cool.

I also watched a couple of Youtube videos on how to knit and hand weave. I didn't have knitting needles so I just attempted hand weaving from what I remembered. It was quite easy and seems like a simple hobby. I'm going to be experimenting with new weaving techniques. I'm also going to try and internet teach myself how to make interesting friendship bracelets. I will try and document my successes and failures. Everyone should learn from their mistakes.

I would like to add more videos to my Youtube channel. But I'm not sure what direction I want it to go. Comedy, Informative, Drama, Music...they all seem great but not very new. I don't want to have one of those channels where they just talk in front of the camera for five minutes. Or they edit it so cleverly that there's like two seconds of them making a weird noise between clips. That's so cliche.

Well I also want to start a zine soon. Anyone interested? I want it to be about all things mystical and awesome. I want to make a zine that I would love to read. Just thought I'd put that out there.

I just want to say thanks to who ever leaves me comments on my blog. It gives me a reason to update. But who am I kidding...I would update it anyway even if Ingrid didn't read it.

Future Husband:

Dev Patel
He was kind of amazing in "Slumdog Millionaire" and more charming with a British accent on the TV show "Skins".
And he totally looks like the dorky Mexican boys I've always gone to school with.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Friendship Bracelets Are Hard To Find

I have so much to update you on. Today my older brother Albert had his first child! Her name is Genevieve Bustos and I am so excited to meet her. This is not the first time that I am an aunt but it is the first time that my father is a grandfather. How cool is that! We have a new addition to our family and I have officially become the only one of my mom's kids without a child.

Today was my first day back to school. It went well. I like my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes. They seem very chill. I was so excited to see all my friends again. I forgot how much I missed seeing everyone's face on a daily basis.

I received one of the best gifts recently from my old roommate Ingrid. She gifted me with a beautiful hand made cat vest. I will upload a picture as soon as I wear it. It was such a thoughtful and mystical gift. Thank you Ingrid.

I'm not a furry but I do enjoy wearing this rabbit costume I own. It was free from the costume shop and keeps me warm in the cold months.

I went back to San Antonio this weekend and caught a free show at Music Town. Frank and I went to see Marcus Rubio and the Gospel Choir of Pillows. It was a pretty freaking epic show. There were colorful kazoos being passed out and lots of guitar string breaking. For some reason Frank and I have become addicted to listening to this kid's music. He sings about everything we're thinking about.

I know I said that I've given up on fashion and trends, but what about anti-fashion? What about clothing that you'd never actually wear out in public? What if you find something that totally redeems the world of fashion? I present to you www.starstyling.net.

Future Husband:

Lou Taylor Pucci as Justin Cobb in "Thumbsucker"
He's adorable and soft-spoken in this movie.
He made thumb sucking look cute.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

You Accidentally Turned Yourself Into A Vampire

Bad Days only exist to make sure you appreciate the good days. The good 'ole days. When you could sleep regularly and didn't stutter on every other word. Seriously though, what the heck is up with me?! I get stuck on like every consonant.
It's not making me feel any better.

School is starting in a few days and I'm not too excited about that.

I'm feeling a little frustrated and uninspired at the moment. I'm still working at the costume shop but I will soon have to start looking for a new on campus job. Wish me luck.

I kind of don't care about clothing anymore. I'm very uninterested in fashion and trends at the moment. I'm also very tired of my wardrobe. I would trade all the neat clothing I have right now for a few pairs of really good socks. I feel that my closet lacks good footwear and hosiery. And where did all my outerwear go? I have like zero hoodies. I really don't want to have to go out and buy new ones.

Oh and I'm done selling clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange and Feathers. They can suck it!
I'm taking my goods to the internet. I don't need those places to cheat me out of my money.

Future Husband:

Danny Smith

He stole my heart as goth-boy/werewolf's best friend Merton Dingle on the Fox Family TV show "Big Wolf On Campus".
He's also in this movie I recently bought called "All I Wanna Do". Vincent Kartheiser comes out in it too. (swoon)
He's now the lead singer of a pop-punk band called The City Drive.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where do all the lovers meet with one another?

Future Husband:

Former bassist for the now broken up band Be Your Own Pet. He and I are like the same age and I've met him twice before. He's a really nice guy. I thought he was the cutest member of BYOP. I was really sad when I heard they broke up. Even though they were only around for a few years, they totally inspired me. I even won their banned music video contest for the song "Black Hole". The other guys in the band are pretty cute but I was charmed by Nathan's afro, braces, and bushy eyebrows.

Their song "Bummer Time" pretty much sums up how I feel about them now.

I think about you all week long
my mind constantly singing your theme song
and did you know I looked up to you
I want to be just like you

No one knows how it was for me
No one know what you meant to me
Everyone talks about it like they were there
All this nostalgia but nobody cares
Everyone talks about it like they were there
All this nostalgia but nobody cares

I woke up early just for you
I'd wait all week long for you too
And there you were on my t.v.
I thought you were there just for me

Bummer Time! Bummer Time! Its Bummer Time!

Every time you came I played along
I didn't know that you'd do me, god
And now your back what can I say
I can't even look at you the same way

No one knows how it was for me
No one know what you meant to me
Everyone talks about it like they were there
All this nostalgia but nobody cares
Everyone talks about it like they were there
All this nostalgia but nobody cares

I woke up early just for you
I'd wait all week long for you too
And there you were on my t.v.
I thought you were there just for me

Bummer Time!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't Wake Me If I'm Dreaming

So I tried to reset my body's internal clock today but then I messed up by taking a nap. Gross!
I feel so horrible. I wouldn't feel bad though if there weren't people (friends and family) around to judge me for sleeping in. I'm trying to do research for the new screenplay I'm writing. It's about sleeping but more importantly, dreaming. It's about getting so lost in your dreams that you no longer want to live in the real world.

I'm not especially fond of my dreams but they are sometimes surprisingly good. Like waking up after a good dream. You automatically feel good.
"I like that about you."

I started thinking that the worst thing that could happen to someone is if they died. Now I'm thinking that the worst thing that could happen is not dying. What if you lived forever?
Maybe being a vampire is not all it's cracked up to be.

"You say that you're in prison but I've been trying to break you out....and it seems you don't want to leave."

Future Husband:

Zac Hanson
So I totally wanted to marry him when I was 10.
I think Hanson is the reason I started caring about music.
He might also have been the first musician I ever had a crush on.
He is currently married and has a kid.
He's still pretty amazing though.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Im Completely Alone At A Table of Friends

So I've recently become nocturnal. I'm a legitimate vampire. I'm also kinda mad at my parents for not investing enough time in me as a child. I could have been so much greater. I guess I'll just have to make up for it when I'm older.

I've been teaching myself how to play chip-tune music on my Gameboy using the LSDJ cartridge my friends bought me for my birthday. (possibly one of the best b-day gifts I've ever received.)
I want to thank them again for being so thoughtful.

School is starting in a week. I hope I can keep my New Year's Resolution. I'm going to try my hardest to focus mainly on school work. School will come first this semester.

Here is a really cute music video I found from a band on Infinity Cat Records:

I'm in the process of writing a short play and a screen play. I would really like to make some more music videos. And I am also gathering stock for my online store Harold8Maude. It's on etsy.com and I hope to have it up before school starts on the 12th of January. Ahhh that's so soon. I'm reseting my internal clock right now so that I may sleep and wake at decent hours.

Please send me good news. I need some real good news right now :}

Future Husband:

Jorma Taccone is one third of The Lonely Island.
He's also a writer on Saturday Night Live.
He also happens to be married.
I think we'd make a hilarious couple!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go On Take A Swig of That Poison and Like It

You don't have to ask my permission to drink or abuse substances. I don't have the authority to say NO. I'm not your keeper.

At the age of 20 I find myself longing for the days when I was 15. All the things I wasn't allowed to do at that age I can freely do now but I don't. I don't take advantage of my freedom.
Maybe I miss the oblivion I was living in at fifteen.

I'm in love with: nosebleeds, your threshold of pain, casts, pouty lips, little boy haircuts, braces, slouchy socks, knitted or crocheted clothing, bumble bees, baby name books, funny Bible verses, nerdy glasses, and funny faces

Future Husband:

Christopher Gorham
He was so sweet and nerdy as Henry on Ugly Betty.
I first saw him in the TV show Popular.

I want to thank my friends Jen and Tomas for giving me such a great birthday present. They got their money together and bought me an LSDJ cartridge to make chiptune music with. Thanks guys!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

And Remember The Wolves That You Run With Are Wolves, Don't Forget

"And if the sun comes up will it tear the skin right off our bones?"
I've been staying up so late that I'm up before the sun. I sleep during the day like a vampire. And wake to greet the night.
The worst kind of vampire. The vampire that doesn't do anything and dresses like a cheap Hot Topic version of themself.
I feel as though I am not supposed to be awake in the early morning hours. I feel like someone will catch me awake and scold me for not sleeping.
I don't know what I'm staying up for. Not for productivity that's for sure.

Why must everyone poison themselves? If you are going to willingly put poison in your body then don't tell me and don't do it around me. You poison the way I look at you as well.
By the way...I am no longer Straight Edge. I realized that I am just a normal human. I just live a clean life like I'm supposed to. Nothing more is needed.

My birthday was nice. We had a lovely little tea party. I got most of the things I wanted for ChristmaBirthday. I found that I love giving presents more than I love receiving them. But it's just a little sad when you don't get any.

New Year's Eve was nice. I spent it in downtown Austin with a few friends. It was nice to finally celebrate the new year right for once. I got to ride in a snake bike! It was the highlight of the night.
My New Year's Resolution last year was to gain more weight. I wanted to look more like my hero Beth Ditto. I think I followed through. This year I think my resolution will be to focus on what is important in life. I want to do better in school and mature more as a person. I will also try and treat my friends better. I want to learn to knit and crochet.

Future Husband:

Paul Rudd
I think my crush on him started when I saw Clueless.
He's that kind of handsome that just sneaks up on you.
Also, he's funny as hell.