Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Ending

"That when everything starts breaking down/
You take the pieces off the ground/
And show this wicked town/
something beautiful and new"

God answered my prayers. I am on my way again. At one point I had thought all hope was lost but my friends and family brought my spirits up. I received a phone call this morning that made me cry hard tears of joy.
One way or another I'm headed home. Where I feel most at home.
I don't want to give it all away right now. I don't want to jinx it.

Even if they don't read this, I just want to say thank you to all of my friends who attended my sale on Wednesday. It meant so much to me. I understand that some of my friends couldn't make it. But to those of you who could but didn't want to, just know that you won't stop me from becoming who I am suppose to be.
I am an investment. I will be worth so much in the future. Start investing in me now people and your profits will be ten fold. I am not just talking money. Because time is money.
I have made investments in many young people who I think will become great leaders in there chosen field some day. I would like it if more people did the same for me.

I will have to make many many sacrifices for the year ahead. Unfortunately, that means I can't spend any more money on clothing and accessories. Even though I buy most of my things second hand, I would still have to stop spending on material things that do not better me. It's going to be hard. I have become a consumer and a shop-aholic at thrift stores. I guess I will just have to visit these places less frequently and get by with spending as little money as possible.
I like the challenge but I don't know if I can give some things up. I love live music. Maybe that can be my one luxury. I might have to limit the number of shows and concerts I attend though.

I know I'm going to do a lot more selling. I plan on selling the clothing I already have that is not being used and the clothing and accessories that I will be creating for this purpose. I am a born entrepreneur.

Ready or not, here I come.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Till It Hurts

Gosh! Have you ever wanted to start a band?! Well I have. I do. Right at this moment. And I think it is because I feel as though I am not impacting enough people. When you are in a band you make an impact on people's lives. I think. Well my newest mini-obsession is the band M83. Well it is more of just one person but with a persona I guess and a backup band. I've thought about just doing solo music but I would feel so...alone. Most performers nowadays are solo and they just go by a name like a band would. Like PlayRadioPlay!'s just Dan but when he tours he needs a drummer and a guitarist and others. But he can play all the instruments by himself. I don't know how to play an instrument. And I'm not even that good at singing. But what I lack in skill and talent I make up for in personality, poise, presence, and style. I think I look like the lead singer of a band. One time this guy in a store told me and my friend that we both looked like drummers :)
I guess. He was a model. What do they know?

The hardest part of starting a band though is finding a good band name. All the good ones are taken. I've googled and Myspace searched all the best ones I could come up with but it was in vain. All my best ideas were already thought.

Back to the band M83. I stumbled upon them by chance while flipping through TeenVogue. The cover to their album Saturdays=Youth just caught my eye.

Upon listening to a few of their songs I fell in love. M83 sounds like a cute French boy whispering a diary (or blog) entry into your ear and a fuzzy guitar vibrating in your other ear while you are watching the best 80's movie on television. There music video are really awesome and are perfect examples of the kind of short films I'd like to make.

I feel old. I should have started being awesome and creative earlier in life so that I could have been a child prodigy or wunderkind. I just thought I'd tell you that.

If I were you the questions I would ask me would be:
What type of music do you want to make?
My answer: Chiptune/Christian/Dance/Electronica/Praise&Worship
Who would be in your band?
My answer: My friends of course and also people from other bands who would do guest vocals on some tracks
What sets your "band" apart from all other bands?
My answer: I haven't found any Praise&Worship music to dance to my band would fill that gap by providing dance-able music for young Christians to enjoy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Trash & Fashion

Some dreams come true while others miss the mark. I feel as if though I try my hardest but I am not trying hard enough. The Swap Meet that I hosted was not all that it could have been. This was mostly due to the fact that very few people showed up. It was still a lot of fun and lots of awesome things were swapped. Everyone who attended walked away happy with their new trades. I don't understand why it's so hard to do fun stuff in San Antonio. We just like to keep things lame I guess. It was like pulling teeth just to get people to attend. Maybe the whole idea was too new for everyone. Once everyone at the swap got the hang of things then it was quite fun and exciting. I even managed to make some money. But unfortunately I spent more than I made on buying food and drinks for people who didn't even show up like they said they would. Don't make promises that you cannot keep people.

After the swap meet was over The Franks and I made our way to South Alamo for First Friday. I was surprised by how many people were out and about enjoying the festivities. We bumped into several people we knew and found ourselves enjoying a live performance at Ruta Maya. I think this will be the new hip place to be in San Antonio. The only other cool place like it here is Mad Hatters.

Today I went with the Franks to the Omni Hotel to apply for a job at Urban Outfitters. They are opening one in San Antonio this Fall and I encouraged both of my friends to apply. I also filled out an application because they informed me that they are always hiring at the Austin location. My plans are to move to Austin one way or another this Fall so I really do hope that I get this job. I also hope that the Franks become gainfully employed at Urban as well.

I spent the whole weekend with my similarly named friends and experienced many happy moments. We went swimming, had a slumber party, stayed up late, talked a lot of crap about people, and looked at the new Fall fashion runways. It was very exciting and we had much to gab about as all three of us are aspiring fashion designers.

The Franks tolerate my love for Idol #4 and I was pleased when I saw a resemblance on the runways for this upcoming season.

Idols Jason and Syesha channel Gareth Pugh's A/W '08 looks!

We also chatted a lot about what we'd like to dress like for the Fall and Winter and our next event. It is going to be a secret one this time. Since no one understands the events that we try and put together...this next one will be just for us. Maybe you'll read about it in my next blog.
Every day I feel that I am one day closer to the person I am suppose to be. I'm excited to one day be that person.