Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shine Your Light When Things Start To Look Dim

When wood is broken it can never be repaired.
You can try and glue the pieces together but they will always be fragmented and weak.
Holidays are wasteful and hurtful. They really test the strength of a family.
I went home to San Antonio for Thanksgiving. I really wanted to go to Tulsa for the weekend.
That didn't happen. But it's okay because I got to spend time with my old friends who I hadn't seen in so long. And I was able to catch some great live music and do a little thrift shopping.
I don't know when I'll be back in San Antonio or if I'll ever go back.
Maybe I'll be back to visit friends. I just feel as though I have no place there.
I can never go back home because home is where the heart is and mine is broken.

Even though I didn't get to attend Jason Castro's concert in Tulsa I was able to see it all happen through a live feed via the internet.
It was magical and he truly inspires. He's inspired me to shine my light as bright as I can.

I've been bewitched by the Polyphonic Spree song "Hold Me Now". Give it a listen and I dare you not to feel good afterward.

Wunderkind of note: Marcus Rubio

I caught his act this week and was very pleased by his performance. I hope to one day direct a music video of his. Or maybe he could score a short film of mine. He really makes the San Antonio music scene look good.

Future Husband:

Stephen Colbert
I first fell for him as Chuck Noblett in Strangers with Candy.
Truth be told he is married, but everyone needs a mistress.
And he still teaches Sunday School every week.

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Anonymous said...

hey kat. i missed your blogs this week. actualyl i missed you this week. unfortunately i will be spending the rest of my life in the library/photolab so i wont see you until next week or something. its pretty lame. actually i have to call you about something soon. regardin g photos. ok ttyitnf (talk to you in the near future) k bye