Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let's Start A Band

I am currently growing my hair out.
I don't think I will cut it until it has grown long enough for a style.
I want LONG and BIG hair that I can braid and tease up.
Thanksgiving seems like a boring holiday to me. I feel like wearing a vest with cats on it and serving food to the homeless and less fortunate. I want someone else to enjoy the holiday. I would just take it for granted. I'm not sure if I will spend it in Austin or San Antonio. We will see.
I want to be done with this semester by the time Thanksgiving break comes around.

"I've Never Been to Heaven but I've Been to Oklahoma."

I am seriously considering taking a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma the weekend of Thanksgiving. I want to see Jason in concert again and possibly visit my friend Samantha. My friend April expressed interest in going with me but I'm not sure if she's sincere. If you wanna come with me then just tell me in a comment. I would love some company. And admission to Jason's gig is only $25. It might be a bit pricey to travel but it's affordable if you split the cost.

Road trip soundtrack: Hanson "Middle of Nowhere" ....duh!

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