Tuesday, November 18, 2008

God Only Knows What I'd Be Without You

I finished editing my short film trailer today. It is epic.
I hope the film festival powers that be will take a late submission.
I'm very excited for everyone to see it. I'm so excited I almost wish I had made a whole short film instead of just the trailer. Almost.

This week I will start and hopefully finish my silk painting of an octopus. I have yet to find a name for the painting. I'm leaning towards Esteban or Kingsley.

This week holds a lot for me. Friday is the Film Festival and it is also when I will find out if I'm going to be an RA next semester. Pray for me. I really need that job in more ways than one.

I can't wait until Thanksgiving break. Fingers crossed that I am able to road trip to Oklahoma. I've decided that I'm spending all my "money" on seeing Jason Castro perform this holiday season as a gift to myself. So instead of throwing a birthday party for other people to enjoy I will be enjoying myself at my favorite performer's concert.

I had small group Bible study today. We went to a private praise and worship meeting thing. It was intense. There was acoustic guitar strumming, Christian music singing, prayer, speaking in tongues, praising, healing, and meditation. I was laying on the floor listening to Bekah strum the guitar and sing a beautiful song and I just felt myself fall asleep. I woke up and everyone was singing "Majesty" really loud so I just joined in. It was very cool but I had to leave because I promised some friends that I would meet them for coffee. My time spent at praise and worship really got me excited about possibly making Christian Dance music. I don't know how this would sound but I'm very excited about it.
I think I'm currently in a band called JEN. I believe that I will be playing the keyboard, gameboy, and possibly slide whistle. Oh and I think I might be supplying vocals. The band has some pretty strict rules but I think I can contribute my natural gift of songwriting.

So I'm going to be doing this thing called Future Husband. Not of the week or of the day...just whenever. You can give me a high five whenever you see me if you agree that that certain guy should be my future husband. Never mind technicalities such as their marital status or sexual orientation. I'm just saying it would be cool if they were my Future Husband. They might also be fictional characters or not exist.

First Official Future Husband:

Win Butler of the band Arcade Fire. He's married to Regine who's also in the band but like I said before...just a technicality.

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Anonymous said...

mental hi-5!!!!!!!!!! good one. arcade fire style is fine by me. also check him out! i mean, who would say no to a face like that?