Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Once Upon A Blog...

I haven't updated this blog for a long time because of lack of inspiration.
I really have nothing to blog about but I felt I should update whoever reads this anyway. I get annoyed by old un-updated blogz.
College is hard. But also rewarding.
I have two classes and one on-campus job. It is a full schedule for me.

Last weekend was really fun. I went with my friend Andrew and my roommate Caroline to see CSS at Stubb's. It was a fun show. They opened up for Gnarls Barkley. We left before Gnarls Barkley went on and waited outside the venue to meet the members of CSS. Andrew and I ended up meeting Ana, Adriano, and Lovefoxxx. We spoke to Ana about how we wanted to see them perform the next day at ACL but we didn't have the money for tickets.
Ana then took our names and put us on the guest list!!! Then we asked Lovefoxxx about it and she said that they didn't have any friends in Austin and they would love for us to see them at ACL.

On Saturday Andrew and I headed over to Zilker Park to attend Austin City Limits. We checked the Guest List and we were for sure on it! Andrew and I were handed two free Saturday passes to ACL. We entered the festival right when CSS started performing. Andrew and I made our way toward the stage and got pretty close. Cansei de Ser Sexy put on a good show and Lovefoxxx said it was the biggest crowd they had ever played for in America. I was proud to be a part of it.
Then I saw MGMT perform. I've seen them before but it only made me excited to see them again. I thought their show was enjoyable considering I was stuck in a crowd of sweaty festival goers. When Ben and Andrew performed "Kids", Andrew Vanwyngarden held up a large red crystal and that he rubbed against the strings of a guitar. It was quite psychadelic.
After their performance Andrew (Zimmer) and I waited in line for the bathroom for an obscene amount of time. Then we checked out the merch and headed home.
I thought it was a pretty good weekend all in all.

I have way too many things to blog about right now and I just don't have the motivation to do it.
I am in a constant state of anticipation though. I'm learning so much about myself right now and it just feels right to be going to school half time. I don't think I could take it any other way. Next semester I will have to be full time though.

Till my next blog....whenever that will be.

Oh and p.s. This is Andrew.

He's a Style Troll.

And this picture blew my mind the other day.

I hope I get to see him in concert again this December. It would be an amazing birthday present.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Score One For the Sloths!

I'm back! I'm back! I'm baaaack!
At school. At home. At peace.
So much to process and not enough time to write it all down.
So I got my stuff squared away and I'm back at school.
Half time. Taking two classes and working an on-campus job at the costume shop.
I love all my friends and my family.
I have 3 lovely roommates who I'm ecstatic to be living with.
I have so much to blog about.
But I guess this one should be about school.
Okay well I'm in Austin and today was my first official day of classes.
I hung out with some friends today and got caught up.
I attended a meeting for Alpha Psi Omega, the theater fraternity I'm in.
This semester I am an officer for APO!!! I'm the Historian. Well one of the historians.
And this week is pledge week. Lots of fun and lots of stuff to do.
I had a great summer and met some great people.
One in particular goes by the name Jason Castro.
But I'll blog more on that later.
For now all you must know is that my life is great and I'm so grateful for all that I have.
Oh and giving up buying clothes and accessories is harder than I thought.

I'll keep shining dude.