Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Feels Like Friday

School is out for the holidays. Everyone is going home. Except me.
Or at least I feel that way. I'm not going home until tomorrow night and I feel like everyone is gone. Or out partying. Yes, partying on a Tuesday night. That is college for you.

This semester is paid off. Next semester...well we will see.

And now what you have all been waiting for. The blogosphere premier of my short film trailer "Etienne's Gaining Weight".

My fingers are still crossed that I get to road trip with my friends to Oklahoma this weekend. But if it doesn't happen I will try not to be too sad. Maybe it will give me more time work on that 15-20 page paper I've been putting off all semester. Maybe.
I finished my silk painting today. It was epic. The only assignment I have left for my intermediate costume class is my portfolio. And then this semester will be over and forgotten.

Future Husband:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
He's the indie darling I'd like to share my days with.
For more info see: Mysterious Skin, Brick, and The Lookout


Anonymous said...

jolly greetings. happy thanksgiving. its officially thursday. wow i cant beleive im still up! ok so yes i was planning on staying longer bc Lauren (my friend from LSU) is coming and staying with me. I hope I dont have to move out of the casitas...yanno since theyre part of a dorm and all. that would be major lamesauce. so yea i would really like to hang out with you considering this next week and the week after are going to be crazy busy for me which sucks. Im just really good at procrastinating everything i guess. And on top of it im going to visit Luaren next weekend so i wont be here to do hw or anything so thats why my week will be hectic. anyway....longest comment ever! i hope you have a good thanksgiving! im thankful for a good friend like you! ok ttylzzz
ps whos that cute boy in that pic with the glasses on? good husband choice.

megmarley said...

I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Haha I know I don't know you, but I just wanted to tell you that you have great taste :)

Anonymous said...

your trailer is kick ass, too bad it wasn't a full length movie