Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

San Antonio will try and crush you. And once you leave you can never return. Things are not the same when you come back.
It makes you realize how good it is to be gone.

Spring Break 2009 is upon us. And by us I mean every school in Austin, Texas.

In a few days I will be attending any free/all ages show I can get in. I only plan to spend money on food and the American Apparel Flea Market that's going on for most of the week.

Updates from me are few and far between. That's because there is not much going on.

I spent the weekend in San Antonio. I attended an event called Luminaria. I hung out with my friends. I thrifted for a second. And I realized that the city that gave birth to me will one day be the city that kills me.

You literally have to fight your way out of San Antonio.

I don't know how I feel about posting my SXSW schedule on here. Does anyone really care what shows I'm going to attend?
Also...I don't want to set anything in stone. I might not go to some of the things I plan on attending. Shit happens.

What I did today: Sold clothes at Buffalo Exchange, Bought a kite that looks like an eagle, made rice crispy treats, baked a pizza, spent time with Kelsey, shared laughs with Andrew and Sabra, bought a new cat vest!!!

Future Husband:

Tim Roth as Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs.
I like his fake accent. He fooled me.
I've seen his new TV show Lie To Me. I like it!


wishywashy said...

oooh im moving to SA.
is it that bad?

Katkatkat said...

wishywashy: sadly yes. but it depends on what side of town you live on, what school you go to, and who your friends are. San Antonio is what you make it.