Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Cape Weather

I wore my American Apparel cape today. I got some good feedback.
It started out as a rainy/cool day. I felt like a bad ass running across campus in all black with tiny red converse. And a Hooters t-shirt. Don't forget the Hooters t-shirt.
I wear it with a hint of irony.

I think most clothing should be worn ironically. Like those t-shirts with wolves or soaring eagles on them. They are worn because we are making fun of the people who "really" wear them.

This has not been a very productive week. I taught my Presentational Speaking class how to finger knit. And I participated in a play reading.

Today I attended a meeting for a Sign Language club at my school. It was almost as if I was destined to walk down the one hallway that had a sign advertising the event in the building I was in on the day I was in it.
It was a small gathering of sign language enthusiasts. But I thoroughly enjoyed how friendly and welcoming everyone was. I hope the club is very successful.

I feel as though being in the club takes me one step closer to becoming a sign language interpreter at concerts.

I'm starting my own online fan club. I guess I shouldn't tell you who it's for yet since it is not official or anything. But when it's all done and ready I will write a post.

I'm seeing Jason Castro on Saturday at Texas A&M College Station. Here are some Polaroids I took of him that I've been meaning to post.


hoot hoot said...

I'm in an ASL club.

Anonymous said...

start a katalya fan club!