Monday, March 23, 2009

You're All Talk And No Show

South by South West 2009 has left me exhausted and without the desire to do my school work. I want to make stuff. But I don't want to do any writing.
If I didn't have to do homework I would just do crafts and make videos all day.

I have yet to put together my music video for the Sorin Reel Film Festival. It is sometimes hard to plan and coordinate things like that.
But it will happen.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday March 28th- Jason Castro @ Texas A&M College Station

Monday April 13th- Crystal Castles @ La Zona Rosa

Friday April 24th- The Horrors @ Emo's

I'm not doing the Future Husband post anymore because I ran out of possible husbands.
And I actually managed to meet one more of my Future Husbands this past week.
Can you guess which one?


appla said...

uhhh..christofer drew?:D

Katkatkat said...

christofer has not been on my list of future husbands. although he is a good candidate. the answer is Slim Twig. I also saw Zac Hanson briefly but that does not count as meeting.