Thursday, March 19, 2009

South by South What!? Year 2

Spring Break is supposed to be relaxing.
Mine is very scheduled and tiring.
Going to bed late.
Waking up early.
Eating when I have time.
Holding when I need to use the restroom.
All to get what I want.

Wednesday was a bit of a let down but the coming days are more promising.
So far I've missed Turbo Fruits twice!!
I have yet to see Telepathe.
I saw Slow Club last night but missed there set at Red House Pizzeria today :(
My friends and I attempted to see a lot of bands but were turned away because we were not of age or didn't want to fork over the money.
When I plan on seeing a show for free I don't intend on paying.

I did pay for my entrance into the American Apparel Flea Market today. It was nuts! There was hipster threads everywhere and it was sooooo hot!
On the bright side they were playing Fever Ray's "When I Grow Up".
I got some good deals. I bought a t-shirt that changes color with my body heat for $5 and a black fleece cape for $15.
I didn't want to spend more than $20 on clothes this week and I stayed at my limit.

People we met/saw today:

Slow Club

Le Castle Vania

Kap Bambino

Christofer Drew [NeverShoutNever]

Abe recognized him and prompted regina to get a picture with him.

Johnny Whitney [blood brothers, neon blonde, jaguar love]

We stumbled onto a Jaguar Love show at the back of Beauty Bar. I remembered that Johnny was in the band and we waited to take a Polaroid with him.

I'm tired now. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to see Slim Twig at least once tomorrow.

Future Husband(s):

Anthony OR Dustin of Best Fwends

photo circa SXSW '08

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OoOh body heat shirt, cooool