Saturday, March 21, 2009

South by South West: Friday

i had to wake up early.
early bird gets the twig.

i waited for over an hour to see Slim Twig. I wasn't able to get into his first show of sxsw. It was a 21+ gig and required a badge or wristband. I didn't qualify for that show. But I waited and waited and good things come to those who wait. I was able to hear a little of his set and see him through a window. Then he and his band exited the venue and I caught him on the way out. I asked to take a Polaroid with him and he agreed. He also said I might be able to catch his next set. Negatory. That one was open to the public, but also 21+. Some random guy on the street snapped our picture. I thanked him and told him my name before I walked away. He told me his as well (Max).

While I was waiting outside I randomly ran into Paul Griffiths of Baby Cakes clothing.

And then I saw Christopher Drew of NeverShoutNever....again. I asked him if I could take a Polaroid picture of him and he posed for one. Then he gave me a hug and we parted ways. What a sweet boy.

I went into Emo's after that for NO reason.

Then I decided to head over to see his next show. It was at Headhunters at 4pm. I thought that if I went early I might have a better chance of getting in. Nope. I waited around for a while and then walked over to where I saw Max and his buddies standing. I told him that they wouldn't let me in the club. He asked if I had tried the back door. I said no but that I saw them carding. He then asked me if I wanted him to sneak me in. I declined because he had told me previously that he would only be playing two songs at that gig. I told him that I'd much rather see his showcase at Beauty Bar on Saturday. Then I proceeded to ask him any and every question I had on my mind. He was very nice and answered every question I asked. I thanked him and went on my way to Waterloo Records.

I walked from 8th and Red River to North Lamar.

Telepathe played a short set at Waterloo Records.
They were really nice girls. They had on these sweet Cassette Playa t-shirts. I asked them where they got the shirts from and they told me that Carrie Mundane herself gave it to them.


coo said...

what an endeavor.

wishywashy said...

for a while, i didn't know the difference between nevershoutnever &neversaynever haha.