Monday, March 9, 2009


recent picture of myself outside of the Blanton on the UT campus.

I might be in San Antonio this weekend.

School is....getting expensive!
I still don't know if I will continue my education at St. Edwards.

This week couldn't get any longer. Daylight savings time didn't help one bit.

"I'm trying to connect to you."
I don't know how much I should read into messages I get from the dead. Note to self: don't go looking through your old myspace messages unless you want to open wounds.

I wish I knew how to write songs because then I would be able to get out all this lyrical aggression. Blogging isn't the right outlet for poetry. At least for me.

I've been documenting the dreams that I remember. Pretty good research for the dream inspired short film I plan to make. You could say it's in pre-production right now.

I have to make a sculpture over spring break. It is supposed to be inspired by Baroque/Rococo. I will post process shots when I get things started.

I have deactivated my Facebook and joined Twitter. Sometimes you have to succumb to the lesser of two evils. Also I'm not that into stalking anymore.

Future Husband:
"I believe you can't control or choose your sexuality."

Lance Bass

the picture is a bit old school but I liked him before he buffed up, bleached his teeth, tanned way too much, and let his natural hair color show.

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Anonymous said...

wuh huh hoooo!
lance bass=weird
katalya=cute as helll