Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Learning To Hunt For You

I'm adding to my cat vest collection all the time:

Recent purchase comes from the Texas Thrift Store right next to St. Edwards.

I also found the CD case to Affirmation. I just had a feeling that I would find that CD at a thrift store. Too bad the actual CD wasn't in there. I might have bought it. But it's okay because I bought a used one on eBay already.

So next week my school is doing a screening of The Labyrinth. I'm not a fan of this movie but only because I've never seen it. But I think I will attend mainly because they are also having a Bowie look-alike contest!!! I'll be there with glitter on.

Future Husband:

His androgynous style has always appealed to me. But when he played an alien in "The Man Who Fell To Earth" I knew I had to marry this beautiful creature.

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Anonymous said...

oh, bowie is a keeper.