Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You're The Best Thing About Me

Getting packages in the mail is like opening presents on Christmas. I received 2 Savage Garden CD's, a Savage Garden concert DVD, and a sweet birthday present for my brother yesterday.

Spring Break is coming soon and that means South by South West. I'm going to be making my free show schedule soon. I'm a little disappointed that so many of the free shows are 21+ but I'm sure I can find enough all ages shows to attend.

Here are a few bands/artists I would like to see during SXSW:

Slim Twig

Tinted Windows

Turbo Fruits

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head


Mika Miko

Future Husband:

Jason Castro

I guess everyone could see this one coming from a mile away.
He reached #4 on last season's American Idol. And now he's about to release his first album!!! He's going to be performing at Texas A&M College Station at the end of this month and I can't wait to buy my ticket.
I've had the pleasure of seeing him perform live three times and formally meeting him once. I wish I had uploaded the Polaroid pictures I've taken of him but I have yet to scan them.
Well I guess I'll have to do a post with nothing but scanned Polaroids!


WW said...

the old man in 'tinted windows' needs to lay offfffff

SUBZERO! said...

'natalie portmans shaved head'; haha.

Kanda Enemy said...

I'm surprised Jason Castro isn't performing at SXSW, I thought he would...