Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't Save Us From The Flames...

It was bitterly cold today. I had class as usual and went straight back to my apartment for some reading and internet-ing. I really really want to go thrift shopping but alas I must spend my money on more useful things like text books and electricity bills. Ugh! It sucks to be an adult. Or something like it.

My school work is starting to pile up and I'm thinking that maybe I should get a head start on some of it. We don't want a repeat of last semester.
I am my own distraction.

I love catching up with old friends. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Right now I am inspired by Youtube video comments and lint. I started making art out of it.

Future Husband:

Gareth Pugh
He is such an amazing designer.
It wouldn't even matter if I'm not his "type".


Anonymous said...

haha, he is a good designer but he's a little too 'out there'..
no one can really wear anything but he;s cute nonetheless:].

Katalya said...

yeah he's avant garde...but google beyonce at the MTV Europe Awards and you'll see a pic of her rocking a dress from his Fall '08 collection.

Anonymous said...

his stuff is crazy (in a good way)