Thursday, January 1, 2009

And Remember The Wolves That You Run With Are Wolves, Don't Forget

"And if the sun comes up will it tear the skin right off our bones?"
I've been staying up so late that I'm up before the sun. I sleep during the day like a vampire. And wake to greet the night.
The worst kind of vampire. The vampire that doesn't do anything and dresses like a cheap Hot Topic version of themself.
I feel as though I am not supposed to be awake in the early morning hours. I feel like someone will catch me awake and scold me for not sleeping.
I don't know what I'm staying up for. Not for productivity that's for sure.

Why must everyone poison themselves? If you are going to willingly put poison in your body then don't tell me and don't do it around me. You poison the way I look at you as well.
By the way...I am no longer Straight Edge. I realized that I am just a normal human. I just live a clean life like I'm supposed to. Nothing more is needed.

My birthday was nice. We had a lovely little tea party. I got most of the things I wanted for ChristmaBirthday. I found that I love giving presents more than I love receiving them. But it's just a little sad when you don't get any.

New Year's Eve was nice. I spent it in downtown Austin with a few friends. It was nice to finally celebrate the new year right for once. I got to ride in a snake bike! It was the highlight of the night.
My New Year's Resolution last year was to gain more weight. I wanted to look more like my hero Beth Ditto. I think I followed through. This year I think my resolution will be to focus on what is important in life. I want to do better in school and mature more as a person. I will also try and treat my friends better. I want to learn to knit and crochet.

Future Husband:

Paul Rudd
I think my crush on him started when I saw Clueless.
He's that kind of handsome that just sneaks up on you.
Also, he's funny as hell.


Anonymous said...

why would you want to gain weight?

Kat: The Maude to Your Harold said...

in my post i explain that i wanted to look more like my hero Beth Ditto. she's a bit bigger than i am and i think she looks lovely.
humans are the only animal on earth who want to lose weight.

Anonymous said...

awesome. yes that man is quite good looking indeed. are yuo in austin now? bc i was thinking abt coming back a few days early and thne we cn hang out. i hope it will work out but i have a bunch of stuff to do here before i leave. i have to take defensie driving which sucks. okay ttyl lmao lylas and all other abbreviations that i dont remember.