Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't Wake Me If I'm Dreaming

So I tried to reset my body's internal clock today but then I messed up by taking a nap. Gross!
I feel so horrible. I wouldn't feel bad though if there weren't people (friends and family) around to judge me for sleeping in. I'm trying to do research for the new screenplay I'm writing. It's about sleeping but more importantly, dreaming. It's about getting so lost in your dreams that you no longer want to live in the real world.

I'm not especially fond of my dreams but they are sometimes surprisingly good. Like waking up after a good dream. You automatically feel good.
"I like that about you."

I started thinking that the worst thing that could happen to someone is if they died. Now I'm thinking that the worst thing that could happen is not dying. What if you lived forever?
Maybe being a vampire is not all it's cracked up to be.

"You say that you're in prison but I've been trying to break you out....and it seems you don't want to leave."

Future Husband:

Zac Hanson
So I totally wanted to marry him when I was 10.
I think Hanson is the reason I started caring about music.
He might also have been the first musician I ever had a crush on.
He is currently married and has a kid.
He's still pretty amazing though.

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Anonymous said...

kat!! its crazy bc ive been thinking of a screenplay much like yours!!! im taking video production next semester so hopefully you can help me out with stories and such so intimidated by it for some reason. I have a lot of random ideas and expecially ones for music videos but a lot of times they seem cool in my head and then i think that when i show it to other people they'd be like "...whaaatt??" so i dn. ive been brainstorming a lot about this one thing that i want to shoot thats all about memory and how people remember things. i think its pretty interesting but i dont exactly know how to shoot memories and stuff. anyway, we will converse about this in the future. i return on saturday night.