Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't Sell Your Shamanic Star Stones on eBay!

It has been said that I live a charmed life.

I wish I had more time in the morning to get dressed.
I have more top halves than bottom halves.
I washed a bunch of shoes today. And dried them.
Smelly shoes can mess up your whole outfit.

School is going well. It's not getting any cheaper though. My classes ask us to buy a lot of things but I'm reluctant because I have a feeling that we will not really use them.
My Costume Design class requires that I buy watercolor paint but I don't know how to watercolor. So I feel as though a whole other class is needed just for that medium.

I had a bad dream recently. It opened up a lot of wounds. And then I went to someone's Facebook/Myspace profile and hurt myself even more.
I need to stop doing that. Looking at old flame's myspace pages and re-opening scars that are healed. Well maybe they're still scabs.

People are really starting to notice my hair getting longer. I don't know how I feel about that. I kind of want it to be a secret thing. Like my hair has a mind of it's own.

I want to start a correspondence with someone. Things are so easy now with e-mail, text messaging, and social networking sites. I think it is more thoughtful to send someone a letter in the mail than leave a comment on their page.
So I pretty much want a pen pal. I want to write letters to someone regularly like I did in high school. And send mix CD's and magazine clippings and random findings. I don't know who I would write to though. I would like it to be someone that I don't know too well but well enough that I could tell them personal things. Or maybe a complete stranger.
If you are also interested in this I suggest participating in Postcrossing or Post Secret.

Right now I'm really inspired by Wikipedia and Youtube.

Sometimes there are just things and people that are much more important than you. There is something bigger than you.
I have yet to meet my niece Genevive but I wish the best for both of her parents.

Future Husband:

Antony Hegarty
If you've ever heard his voice you would understand.
He is a magical child.

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