Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Make Time Each Day To Pray

i miss you old friend... i can't wait to hear good things from you.

you know that feeling you get when you fall asleep in the middle of the day and you wake up and it's night already and you feel like you just wasted the WHOLE day?!!
yeah i got that.
the only way to redeem yourself is to get out of bed and do two nights worth of homework in one night.

I made a shoe for my Costume Design recently. It's made of foamy clay and looks like a jaw bone with teeth and a chicken bone heel. I'm not too proud of it. I imagined it would be a lot cooler.

i have never wanted to live in california as much as i do now. or as much as i will when coachella rolls around. this years lineup is pretty epic. it's better than last years ACL and probably this years SXSW combined.

i went out to a party this weekend. it was weird and so uncommon of me. so much so that people were surprised to actually see me there. it was a birthday party for my friend kenny. it was also civil war themed. possibly one of the coolest themed parties recently. i had a decent sober time.

I've been learning to knit recently. Just the other day I bought a proper pair of knitting needles and some brightly colored yarn. I tried to find good yarn at the thrift store but I wasn't about buying for color over texture. And I thought about unraveling a sweater with good yarn but that takes time and I wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly good sweater to make something dumb like a plain scarf. And a beginner's scarf at that.

I wish I had some cool yarn like this.

I don't want to knit lame things like shawls and blankets....unless they are rad of course.
My knitting hero is Twinkie Chan. She makes the most awesome knit/crochet accessories.


Future Husband:

ok so if i were a tranny...i'd marry Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters
there are a lot of gay or questionable men on my list of "future husbands". i have no other way to explain that except that i just really like gay guys!!
oh and by the way i'd be a voodoo shaman tranny that wore heels made of bone and hair.
just thought i'd throw that in.