Monday, February 9, 2009

Myself Is So Bad Ass Myself Is So Good

I have been sucked into this internet world.
I have become a digital version of myself.

This is a Mii I made of myself on Marg's old-roommate's Wii.
I had more fun making the Mii than playing the video game.

I have been spending wayyyy too many hours in front of my laptop watching videos on youtube, blogging, reading blogs, searching for weird stuff on eBay, and attempting homework.

Recently I've become very inspired by the Australian pop/rock duo Savage Garden. I really can't explain why or how but it just happened. And now I will start a quest to find both of their CD's at the thrift store. I know I've come across at least one of their CD's while thrifting. I also hope to find a Savage Garden t-shirt as well. That would be ultimate! Oh and I plan on documenting this quest.

If you don't believe in their awesomeness then check out this video for the 90's love song "To the Moon and Back". This is also my favorite of the 3 versions there are of this video.

Take note of the rad outfits and cheesy special effects in the video. Also the lead singer gets a little too dramatic with his hand gestures. But besides all that I adore the video and the song.

How did my day go?
Well I pretty much didn't have any class, I played with my friend Candy's chinchilla, met with my Entrepreneurship group, attended open mic night, and had a delicious dinner. Pretty good day if you ask me. It could have been wayyyy worse.

Future Husband:

Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords
Eagle v.s. Shark would have been way better if it came out before Napoleon Dynamite.


Anonymous said...

love your post.

Katkatkat said...

you have a cool blog.