Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well

(photo taken by me when I pretend to be a photographer 2009)

I'm 100% again.
I'm not sneezy-watery eyes-runny nosed anymore. Yes!
I woke up this morning and I was feeling fine.
Actually I went to sleep this morning (er was it yesterday) and woke up before class started and I was a-okay.

I was healthy enough to judge the ImprovOFF. I don't have much to say about it. Let's just say we need to work on our Improv skills as a university. Improv does not mean getting up on stage and yelling, doing slapstick, or making offensive gestures. I wasn't offended by any of the performances but I wasn't amused.
Being a judge was a lot harder than I thought. There was a lot of Math involved.

Then I went to my friend Andrew's play reading. I am assistant directing it. Or am I Assistant to the Director? Ah who knows! Alls I know is I'm getting my name on a program.

In more Hanson related news, Taylor Hanson has a side project. :O
Yeah....I'm as shocked as you are. And if you don't know who Taylor Hanson is then what are you even doing reading this blog?!
Well he's in a band with the guitarist from Smashing Pumpkins, that dude from Fountains of Wayne, and the drummer from Cheap Trick. Yeah....that's what I said. :O
His band is called Tinted Windows.

It looks pretty legit. Yet the Hanson fan in me (the Fanson if you will) wants to cry out blasphemy! It sounds like a different band yet all I can hear is Taylor, so I think Hanson. But it's not....anyway they will be unveiling themselves during none other than South by South West, the music festival that started Hanson. How ironic. I will try and attend even though they will only be performing at an official showcase and the venue is 21+.
I want to try and recreate this rare moment in history where I met my idol of over 10 years.
This photo was taken last year at SXSW and I was 19 years old. The only other time I was that happy was when I met Jason Castro. Ahhh the memories...

Have a listen to Tinted Windows and tell me what you think.

Future Husband:

Anderson Cooper
Why not?
Everyone loves the Silver Fox...


Kanda Enemy said...


I like them but I'm like in shock! Do you have any news on Hanson itself?!?1

fuzzzzzzzz said...

anderson cooper is gay!

wishywashy said...

james iha USED to be cool..
that side project is a disaster!

Katkatkat said...

kanda: no Hanson news...just Hanson related.
It's a very shocking video to say the least. i don't know if it will ever grow on me.

fuzz: i think he's one of those people that everyone knows is gay but we all know why he can't come out
+ a lot of my Future Husbands are gay-bi-queer

wishywashy: insert any of the band members of tinted windows names into your comment and it still rings true. i think a lot of people are going to listen either way because each member has such a large following.

Anonymous said...

geez...glad im not the only one who thinks anderson cooper is dreamy!