Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Believe That God Does Not Endorse TV Evangelists

I recently bought my brother this button:

So he can get extra nerd points at the premiere of Watchmen.

And I'm bidding on a birthday present for him as we blog.
If you want to see what it looks like just google "Jabba Glob" and you will find out for yourself.
I was inspired to buy this present whilst reading MCR's blog. I love how oftend it is updated.
Or maybe I just love updated blogs.

I also recently had an idea for vlogging for a post instead of writing.
Maybe a video would be a really cool change of pace.

I've recently been inspired by the gay/lesbian/transgender/queer culture. Frank introduced me to the band Cocorosie and I was impressed with there mystical and androgynous style.
I've also been watching a lot of youtube videos of trannies and funny gay boys (Britney Houston, Tyler Oakley). And while browsing blogs I "stumbled" upon East Village Boys. The site is part homo-erotic photography and part artsy news blog. Very cute and very inspiring.

I'm still really into finding cool Christian music. Sarah showed me this song by Closer 2 Closure called "Rhyme or Reason". Another song by the same singer (Kellin Quinn) is called "Jesus in the Southern Sky". They are both really really beautiful and inspiring songs. Check them out if you're into that stuff.

I think it's safe to say that I am tired of the generic vintage clothing websites on Ebay. They only cater to girls of the same size and shape. And all the models look like they work at Urban Outfitters or Buffalo Exchange. The clothes are all too overpriced and very cliche'. What they are selling you is the "look" and not the actual clothing. You have to go out and buy all the accessories just to get what you paid for.

I'm trying to open my own online store soon and I'm definitely taking notes on what not to do.

Style Icon:

Diva Dompe
She's in the band BlackBlack.
She has some of the best stage outfits and hair.
And she's a very lovely mystical being.

Future Husband:

Mike White
He wrote and directed "Year of the Dog".
He also wrote "The Good Girl" and "Chuck and Buck".
I think he's just awesome.


Ebba said...

Where do you live? :)

Katalya said...

Austin, Texas

Anonymous said...

ooo, Mike White's awesome! He's on that reality show competition, The Amazing Race this season. His teammate is his Dad. Also, his dad's a gay pastor, and Mike White is bisexualzzzz.
Just thought I should share this with you!
P.S. Thanks for the chinchilla shout-out!