Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Songs for Singers

I wrote some lyrics to what will become an amazing song soon. It is called "You're So Cute, If You Didn't Exist I'd Make You Up" or something like that. I got the idea after seeing a picture comment of this boy who inspired me to get started making music. I don't particularly like this kid but he did give me tips on free music making software so he's cool in my book.
The song is naturally about finding a cute boy on Myspace and then totally alienating him to the point where he blocks you from his profile. Ahh to be young and part of the Myspace generation.
Well I got paid for the first time today at Subway. A good 90% of that money will be going to St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. But I am also saving some for investment in thrift shopping and reselling online.
I would like people to quote me as much as possible. It really helps me think about what I say twice. That and it puts a smile on my face like no other. Oh wait, there is one other thing that puts a smile on my face...

Fine Colombian boys with serene faces. This kid is way more adorable than you think. And yesterday he had a date with all of his fans through a vlog update. Too cute. Mean time I was singin' "wish for you on a falling star, wonderin' where you are. do i cross your mind in the warm sunshine? he's in the city of angels..." Haha! LFO still has it.
Well hopefully my friends and I can finish the video we're doing for "Black Hole" in the next two days because I don't have any other days off until next week. And it is hard to round up a bunch of teens even in the summer.

I am also currently looking for local Texas bands, performers, and DJs to play at the event I'm hosting along with Alamo Wasteland on the 1st of August. It's gonna be so awesome but I need everyone's help to make it all go well. Please send me a message if you know of any bands who want to play shows in the summer. And preferably bands that don't charge money. This is going to be a free event so I don't expect to make anything.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha ok i will try to take some pics of them sure the people in charge will forbid a flash to go off in the eye of a baby bird, but i mean i have to document my time there somehow.