Monday, June 9, 2008

Top Ten for Summer

Summer Lists are always fun.

1. Travel is good. I don't get to do it very often but I would like some travel this summer. I don't know how having a job will affect that but it can only help financially. If I can't go to Mexico then I would like to visit West Texas again or the Rio Grand Valley. I hear they have lovely thrift stores there.

2. Fashion, Style, Clothing. I want to minimize my wardrobe while maximizing my style. I think I first have to figure out what it is. I tend to buy clothes just because they look cool and not because they look "good" on me. So I'm going to pinpoint my "style" and liquidate whatever does not fit into it. I also plan to document my summer style in some way. Maybe a daily photo blog on my Flickr.

3. Music is my boyfriend. I definitely want to start making music and what better time than now. I have the whole summer to devote to squishing out a few tunes. I may not know how to actually play an instrument but I think I'm a born lyricist. And I'm an aspiring vocalist.

4. Kingdom Work. I plan on devoting a lot of this summer to God. I will include Him in whatever I do. Nothing would be possible without Him so why not do it all for Him. I hope I can find a church to attend regularly next semester.

5. Alamo Wasteland. I really want to explore all the hidden gems in my city. I feel bad about hating on it so much. Now I want to show everyone, including myself, how cool San Antonio can be. Plus, I know there are tons of awesome places around town just waiting to be discovered. I wasn't born here for nothing.

6. New Kids On The Blog. I think I'm addicted to blogging. I just find myself writing so much now. I get a thrill out of people reading what I have to say. And I like the compliments my friends give me about my writing. Most of all I love to write. Anything. I like writing little stories, and lyrics, and I used to write poems when I was younger. Now I think poetry is cliche and boring. At the moment I'm working on writing a song about cats that my teammate and I will one day record. I also have been working on this amazing screenplay. Only in my head though.

7. Boyz Bois Boys. Ugh. Yeah I don't have one. I don't even know if I want one. Right now I could probably only settle on dating Jason Castro. But he is taken. Darn. Well I can always hope to find my own Jason one day.

8. Parents. I thought about one of the commandments the other day. Honor thy mother and thy father. I always thought I was breaking that commandment by talking back to my parents and fighting with them. But then I thought, you know what? I am honoring them. I honor them by living a good life. I'm a good daughter. I honor them whenever I choose not to smoke, or drink, or abuse drugs. I honor them by continuing my education and trying to better my life. I don't necessarily have to agree with everything they say in order to honor them.

9. Friends. Have been good to me lately. Thanks for being there for me guys. I couldn't have done any of this without you. I hope being away from some of you for so long will only bring us closer together.

10. Party Down. I don't party I guess. I try to stay away from parties with drugs and alcohol but it's so hard. At least here in San Antonio all my friends are under age and it's harder for them to go out and get drunk. I definitely want to have a few parties while I'm here in SA. But I want them to be about the music and dancing and not about getting stoned or drunk. Sometimes I just want to set a good example.

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Anonymous said...

ok definitely send me your song and ill think of some guitar chords to go with it. yayy i cant wait to sing the abe song