Sunday, June 22, 2008

Honest Day

Today I worked from 4 p.m to 9:30 p.m. I spent the first half of the day asleep with my best friend Frank on the apartment floor. I cut his hair the night before. I didn't like work today. It was too much. Not hard though, just too much. I worked with a different co-worker and I didn't like it very much. I hope I don't have to work with him again. The worst part about my job is that some fairly attractive men come in to buy subs and it's really hard to look cute while you smell like a sweaty sandwich. But it's easy money so there isn't much to complain about.

These lyrics are kind of summing up what I've been feeling lately. I wish I had written them.

These are the days
When all that I can do is dream
But I don't wanna spend forever
Living in the in between
I'm stuck here in a place without love
And I just can't let it stay this way
But for now I'm gonna have to face it
These are the days

I gotta use this lonely time
To change the picture in my frame of mind
Outside the window there's a sunny day
I wanna feel it on my face
You and I...
We're out here looking for the same thing
An end to all the wondering
Waiting for someone to share this feeling
They were written by the boys of O-Town. Do you ever wish you had written lyrics to a really catchy song? I always wish I was the genius who came up with the most beautiful songs.
But the song that those lyrics are from is called "These Are The Days" and it is a really nice song even though a boy band wrote it. Watch the video because they are all very cute and unique.
I always picture what my life would be like married to a certain person. Sometimes I even imagine the fights we would have. And I spend a lot of time thinking about what my future children will be like. I hope they like me more than I like my parents.
That co-worker of mine really upset me with all the questions he asked me and made me uncomfortable many many times. I didn't know what he wanted from me and I don't think many people there like him. It seems so hard to. I would like to know how I come off to people. Talking to him made me ask myself a lot of questions. Like, if I don't drink, smoke, or go to clubs, then what do I do?
I don't know. I exist. I blog therefore I am.
Whatever. This made me happy today.

I wish I were married to him. He seems like he'd be an amazing husband. (sigh)
Sometimes I feel unremarkable. This name has been in my head for some time: John Wesley Harding.

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