Saturday, June 14, 2008

Last Day of CUSP

I don't mind sleeping the day away. I especially don't mind it when I have to work a shift at Subway from 3 p.m. till close. Why yes today was my first day of worked. And I enjoyed it. Everyone there was very nice and helpful to me. I was able to eat for free and enjoy a few snacks. I won't go one about the tricks of the trade as most likely you have been to Subway before. Eat fresh people!
What was funny about working today was that I kept thinking about how this was the last day of the Castrofans United Service Project and I still hadn't done anything worthwhile. I've done a few things here and there but nothing truly amazing. And while I was working that John Mayer song "Waiting on the World to Change" came on and I thought it was like a sign. I took it to mean that even though this week is over there are still two more weeks before July 1st and the whole summer to devote to service.
Then I had another thought. What if I donate the money I made today at work to a worthwhile charity? And then an even better idea hit me. Why don't I combine the two things I love in order to help more people?
So my idea is to use the money I earned today to purchase vintage and one-of-a-kind clothing at local thrift stores. I will then sell the clothing on eBay in order to make more money. Then I will donate all that I have made to some local San Antonio charities in Jason's name. That way I am doing something I love (shopping at thrift stores) and most of the money the thrift stores make go to charity anyway. And someone else will also be purchasing some unique clothing they would otherwise not find themselves. And a few local charities will get the money they deserve instead of my lousy paycheck. I think it's a win-win situation.
This might take a lot longer than two-weeks as I probably get paid every two weeks but I will do it anyway because I slacked off so much this week.
As for what I will turn in to be included in the book, I am hoping to get someone with a really nice camera to take a picture of me with rice on my hands as I have donated many thousands of grains of rice at And I will continue to donate rice up until the project is due.
I just hope I can contribute enough hours and grains of rice. Right now I don't feel as awesome as some of the stories I heard about on
Meh! To each his own service.
Unfortunately I can only donate one day's worth of pay to my CUSPy project because the rest is going towards my Spring semester balance I have yet to pay off. I really need to go back to school in order to change the world.

Good Trailers to Watch:
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I am currently inspired by the brothers of Hanson. They're out changing the world one Mmmbop at time. This is a pic of Taylor's piano after he butchered his hand on it at a show. Intense!!!

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Anonymous said...

dang taylor hanson. you rule! i hoep youre having a fun time at subway i wish i was there to sink my teeth into a delicious turkey sandwich. you can eat one in my honor today. please and thank you. goodbye