Monday, June 23, 2008

Second Hand Noise

I finally got a chance to thrift today. But only for a short amount of time and only at one shop. I bought three items from the Texas Thrift Store closest to where I live.
The first item is a vintage Polaroid Land camera that I'm hoping to God works. I haven't tested it though. If it doesn't work then it will be a prop for videos and such. It was $5.
The third item is a very nice purple v-neck tee that only cost 3 dollars. It looks as though it came from American Apparel but it's definitely not. I liked it because it was soft and reminded me of one that Jason wore. And I bought what looks like over 2 yards of cool blue, white, and green fabric with cheetahs or leopards all over it. The fabric was 2 dollars and I think it was a good buy because I will use it to create things to sell.
I was really there on a mission to find some cool kids play keyboards, possibly a synth, but mostly a Gameboy. I recently discovered that you can make music with a modified Gameboy and what is called an LSDJ cartridge. I'm not too sure how it all works but I think I am going to do more research on it and look in to purchasing or modifying an old school Gameboy in order to make experimental music with.
But for now I will continue to write little tunes on a notepad and possibly come up with beats on the cool keyboard I stole from a gypsy. I think I will start out with cover songs and then advance to songs I've written by myself or with friends. I would like to record a different song with each one of my friends and then make a digital album.
First I need to save up money to buy equipment like a microphone and a synthesizer. Well if anyone wants to help me make some experimental music to cure summer boredom you are more than welcome. Right now I'm just really excited about 8-bit music and I want to learn all about it and possibly make some of my own.

Here are today's finds:

I want to do a cover of LFO's "Girl On TV" but with words changed to "Boy On TV" ( a song about falling in love with Jason Castro). Yeah it sounds sick but I really like the song and I think it's funny to sing "At the risk of soundin' cheesy, I think I fell for the boy on TV." I hope Ingrid and I can do a cute acoustic cover of that one.

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