Monday, June 9, 2008

CUSP Day One

I'm not waiting on the world to change.
Sunday June 8th was the first day of CUSP (Castrofans United Service Project).
Yes, the nutty fans of the dread-headed cutie are at it again. Everyday this week we are devoting our lives to service. Most of my plans fell through today so I just donated rice at the website My highest amount donated throughout the day was 1000 grains of rice. I'm happy that someone will get to eat what I donated.
I spent most of today storing energy by sleeping instead of helping my mom sell stuff at the flea market. The money she made wasn't going to a good cause so I decided to stay out of it. Javi and Abe came over and we did frivolous things such as take Myspace default pics and watch Youtube vids. I will however try and contribute my time and energy to service the rest of this week. Especially after seeing this blog with Jason in it. The blog was about this ad campaign of sorts called I Am Second. Sounds to me like it could be a good Christian music label. And one that I would die to be a part of. But for now I will simply stew away in my tiny room and help change the world one grain of rice at a time.
I plan to travel this summer. Hopefully I won't have to rely on my imagination alone. I plan to go with Abe to Mexico in July. It will be my first time to ever leave America. I hope Mexico is amazing and not sleazy like I imagine it to be. Bon Voyage for now!

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