Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alamo Wasteland

I'm back where I started. San Antonio, Texas home of the lame. I will be living here for the next four months and then it's back to Austin when school starts. I must confess that I'm not too excited to be back home but I will have to endure.
San Antonio as some of you may know is not all boring and dull. We do have some fun things going on from time to time but not nearly enough to keep boredom away.
My favorite part of SA though is the thrift stores. We have lots of them and most of them are real gems. Most of my wardrobe is from the thrift stores around town and I plan on keeping it that way. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy anymore clothing but that doesn't mean I can't buy clothing for someone else.
So my newest project but hardly a new idea is to scour local thrift stores around town and find the best clothing and accessories in order to sell them online for a profit. I will also be documenting my finds in a video-blog and in photographs. I share a youtube channel with two of my friends. It's called Awkwardly Social. It is supposed to encompass how weird and relate-able we can all be but on video. It's also just an excuse to have our own channel.
But for the most part I plan on showing everyone how cool San Antonio can be for a change.
Austin has been taking the spotlight most recently and I just want to prove to others and myself that the city I come from is just waiting to be named the new city of cool. You just have to look.

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Anonymous said...

kat! this is great! please blog more often so i can have something to do. i will try to document houston more because there are actually cool things that go on here too. and ill let you know where you can watch the videos. ok ttyl