Thursday, July 17, 2008

Me Ten Months

I received the Gibson Epiphone Electric Guitar in the mail today. I won it through the Banned Video Contest. It is black and autographed by the band Be Your Own Pet in silver sharpie.
Now I have an electric guitar and a keyboard. And I am in the process of turning the old Gameboy I bought on ebay into a music making device. It also came with an awesome carrying case. I will display pictures as soon as I take some quality ones. It's weird though, because as soon as I get my hands on things everyone else wants them. Someone at work offered to buy my new guitar from me today. If I told my brother I had it then he would request that I lend it to him so he could "jam" in his room. He also wants the cheap keyboard I stole from a gypsy. Then my friend asked if I would sell my keyboard to him. They all say it is because they want to start making music. Well so do I. That's why I got the things in the first place. I don't plan on parting with my instruments any time soon and I actually plan on acquiring a few amps and pedals and maybe even some circuit bent instruments.
It's strange how people feed off of you. They either want everything you have or they want to be the opposite of you.

I've been flipping through NYLON magazine lately. It is kind of like my Bible. But lately it is starting to bore me and I don't like that. I am becoming cooler than the publication that made me cool. I guess you grow out of things. I used to read ELLEgirl when I was in middle school. Then I graduated to Nylon. And when I was in elementary I read Teen Beat and Tiger Beat. Those kinds of magazines make you hate yourself I think. They hold no substance what so ever.
I hope to work for an awesome magazine one day. Maybe I'll just start my own.

I'm not sure what my style is at the moment. I don't have a label but I would like one. We spend most of our energy labeling each other. I like to know what category I fit into. The only way I can describe the way I dress is: little boy who wants to be a girl. I wear lots of over-sized t-shirts and Keds or boyish sneakers. I like my hair very short now with small bangs. I wish I could pull of the androgynous look but my body is too curvy and I'm not tall enough to be mistaken for a boy.
I used to want to dress like a post-apocalyptic raver but then I thought that would take to much explaining. So I changed it to Neon Native American. Mostly I would like to look un-American. I'm excited for my semester abroad in London. It is over a year from now but I am anxious to experience the street style first hand.

I am looking forward to buying a black leather biker jacket, moccasins, a fedora (and I hate the way I look in hats), a black pencil skirt, and one piece outfits (i.e. rompers, overalls, jumpers).

My style icons at the moment are Alice Glass, Lovefoxxx, Beth Ditto, Agyness, Enid Coleslaw, and Gameboy/Gamegirl.

I want to be fly like these cats (minus the booze).

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Teaspoon said...

He also wants the cheap keyboard I stole from a gypsy.
LAWL! I fucking loved that night ^-^