Monday, July 14, 2008

Your Life in Blog Form

Guys the Oldest Blogger in the World died the other day. She was 108 and had been blogging for like a year. I don't know why but I feel as though I lost a peer. I have not read her blog but I plan to. I think I'm going to lose my job at Subway. They cut all my hours for this week and I will not work again until next weekend.
I have been inspired by the Castro Family among others to vlog. Another of my inspirations is Proctor Anderson. His blogs are definitely high quality. If I were not so asexual I would probably ask for his hand in marriage.
In my spare time I often dream of being famous. What would I do with my fame? I'd blog about it. Most likely I would put out a line of clothing or create a film. But you don't have to be famous to do those things. It is just more convenient if you are.
If you want to know what kind of clothing I would make then the answer is: Clothing that you can live in not just clothing you can wear. I don't want to make artsy clothes. I want to make clothes that make people happy and make them feel special. So I would make unique and one of a kind clothes.
If you want to know what kind of films I would make then the answer is: Films my friends and I would watch. And films my brother and I could bond over. My films would most likely not be critically acclaimed. They would just be really long music videos with an endless playlist and short random moments.
I have spoken before about making music. The kind of music I would make if I had the technology would be the kind I could put on a soundtrack. Or I just recently saw this title on Myspace: Songs To Put in Your Profile. Hah. very funny. I sang a song I wrote recently to my friend Frank and his response was, "Oh. I would put that song on my profile!"

So I went thrifting recently and I spent something like $13 on a cool 90's Disney bed sheet, an awesome maternity jumper, vintage keds, colorful swim trunks, and a khaki zebra wrap around skirt. The skirt and the shoes are for sale. Maybe the shorts are for sale too. The bed sheet is going to be harvested for fabric to make other things and the jumper is for me but I will pattern it and make duplicates.
I keep wanting to start selling on Etsy or on Ebay but I'm really lazy. Maybe this week will give me a chance to do those things and make some extra cash. I simply need to make a banner/logo for my store and then set things up.
Summer is fading so fast and I haven't even reached all my goals yet. I have been wasting too much of it by sleeping and looking at boring sites. But I do find entertaining things to do on the internet like listen in on live feeds of the Idols Live concert and sometimes very cool things happen on those feeds. Jason Castro gives us a shout out once in a while and sometimes his mom and little sister call in and talk to all the fans or they chat with us.
It's very weird to chat while watching a live feed. You type hello to whomever is broadcasting and then half a second later the person you see on your computer screen is saying hello right back to you. It's kind of exciting. I'm thinking of investing my money in a webcam to do my own show. But then I would be disappointed if it were not successful. This is another example of how fame comes in handy when you want things to go successfully.

You are as stylish as you want to be.

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Anonymous said...

proctor is probably an inspiration to himself. look at how cool he is..seriously. hes pretty awesome.
i like the shirt ideas. i definitely think we should make weird faces and iron them on to shirts and sell them. that would be waayy hilarious, and i would probably wear a shirt with my own face on it hahaha or maybe someone elses face. we should do that for someones birthday next year. what a great idea! that would be so tight if everyone i knew wore a shirt with my ironed on face on it for my birthday. oh mannn