Wednesday, July 23, 2008

With You In Your Dreams

I've been having some pretty lucid dreams lately. They are mostly about people and places I don't know. And my dreams start out pretty happy or good and end up really bad. One dream had Andrew of MGMT in it. He is quite easy to dream about. Now I can say, "He's so dreamy..." So is Jason Castro. I've had a few dreams about him.

This week has been mildly productive so far. I've purchased many things from Goodwill. Just today I went with Sarah to look for furniture and I found way too many good items to pass up. I think I will return some of the things that didn't fit me because I had no time to try them on it the store.
I went to Goodwill the day before with my brother to buy clothes for work. We both needed pants but he ended up just buying a shirt and I bought two black high-waisted pencil skirts, a little house on the prairie-esque skirt, and a pair of black pants for work. The pants are not very extraordinary but with a few tweaks I think I can make them a good piece to wear outside of work. That day I also purchased a sewing machine for an unbeatable price. I hope this sewing machine brings me lots of good luck.
On Saturday I shopped at Texas Thrift Store and found some really cool things there as well. I ended up buying neat fabric, a broken mini keyboard, leggings, a Doodle bear, a cardigan, and a top.
I plan to utilize all my purchases in one way or another. I am collecting fabric at the moment so that I have plenty to work with when I have my sewing machine up and running. And everything that doesn't fit me I plan to sell or swap.
At the end of this week I should be participating in a water balloon fight to celebrate our video contest win. And by that time we will have some definite details about the summer swap meet I am hosting. We don't have a location just yet but I'm hoping that all that is taken care of before August 1st. If all works out I think this will be the first of many successful swaps!

In case you are wondering what kinds of things I would make with all the fabric I am saving and my newly acquired sewing machine, it will be something like this:

I will use recycled bed sheets and second hand fabric to make skirts, tote bags, and maybe some short-alls and pinafore dresses.

If you are the praying type...please pray to God for me that I find the money to go back to school. If you are the giving type then please give me the money to go back to school this semester. It would mean everything to me. And you would not be disappointed. This is the year that I prove to everyone that I am worth it.

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Anonymous said...

kat your so awesome i cant wait to see you next year or maybe even befor next year i really will be praying that you will return,,, what will i do without you!?!?!