Friday, July 11, 2008

I Just Want To Be Your Everything

So the other day I got written up twice at Subway for bad customer service. Yeesh! If I get another complaint they are going to fire me. So I'm looking for a new job. Because it is too dang hard not to upset Subway customers. Working there is getting annoying anyway. Today during my shift I was contemplating quitting or going home early because I was sick. I really am though. My throat is still sore and my face is congested. It makes sleep very difficult. But what is more difficult is not being able to sing. I am just now beginning to realize how much I genuinely love to sing.
I don't mind looking for a new job as I currently have enough money to pay for the Idols Live ticket I want to purchase. Every day I read a new story on the DDB about someone's castro-encounter. And it just gets me even more excited to see him again. Every day I think about what I'm going to say to him or what I'm going to give him. I don't ever want the day to come though. Because then I'll know that it's over. I want to keep wanting him. I know I'll be sad the day after it happens because then I won't be thinking about what I'm going to say. I'll be thinking about what I said. And what he said.
He's pretty much all I'm living for right now. "Listen please, don't walk out the door. I'm on my knees, you're all I'm living for"("Save Me" by Hanson) Or at least all I'm living for on this earth. I don't care as much about any other band as I do about him. Every day I am amazed at how awesome he is. Just spend one afternoon with me and try not to get hooked on the JCas. It's almost impossible. I will make you love him.
In other news...Javi and I are starting a novela. Well not really. It's more like a digital short of sorts. Just another internet show on another youtube channel. Pretty run of the mill bored teenz stuff. But this show will be about how shallow Scene Kids are. But it's not going to be only about us talking crap. It'll be more satire.
And we have the food fight party coming up. And then the Summer Swap Meet. And then Idols Live. And then school. Wow. Summer is going by so fast. "Everlasting summer you can see it fading faster...So you grab a hold of something that you think is gonna last you." Those are lyrics from the group song the Top 4 did on this season's AI. The song is "Reeling In the Years" by Steely Dan. I really liked that performance even though it was the night Jason was kicked off. He sang the best lines of the whole song.
"You've been telling me you're a genius since you were seventeen. All the years I've known you I still don't know what you mean."
And then he sang..."The week we spent in Hollywood is etched across my mind."
I love relating moments with song lyrics or movie quotes. It's just what I do.
So I am officially nocturnal now. I don't really wake up anymore until 3 p.m. and then I usually have work from 4 p.m. till close and then I stay up online until 5 a.m. when the sun comes up. And then I fall asleep as the world around me is waking up. Like an owl...but with less feathers. I'm pretty much part sloth-part owl.
Isaac Hanson has a new son named Everret. His first name is Clark like his dad but all the Hanson's go by their middle names. I wish that were true of my family but sadly I have no middle name.
I would name my son Etienne. I want to either marry a Hanson (not really possible unless I marry Mackenzie) or a Castro. Both families would be pretty tight to be a part of.

Today I got a swap package in the mail. It was from my Thrift Store T-shirt International Swap. The T-shirt came from the US though. It was an okay tee. I have yet to send my shirt out. I am waaaaay late on lots of swaps and other mail things. But fear not people. You will all get your mail one day.
Until I am stable enough to write another blog. Peace, Love, and Jason's Pantz!

owls sharing secrets...

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