Monday, July 7, 2008


So you know that video I mentioned my friends and I were making for a contest? Well it won! You heard it right. We won the video contest for Be Your Own Pet's song "Black Hole". And now we are getting a signed guitar and shoes in the mail. And our video is the Official Black Hole video. How cool. It was all thanks to the lovely kids who helped me bring my vision to life. Thank you guys. And thank you byoP for letting me show you how much of a fan I am. What is next for my team? We will have a Food Fight Party to celebrate our succes! I haven't worked out all the details yet but it will happen before this month is over.
I have yet to update you with pics of my thrift purchases but I will do that as soon as I have time. I have been a bit busy with work lately and I currently have a sore throat. This success though has filled me with enough energy to create more adventures for the future.
I am in the process of purchasing the equipment to make chiptune music, a ticket to see Jason Castro on the Idols Live tour, and I have purchased many pieces of second hand fabric for future clothing projects.
I am also still in the process of planning and executing my summer party I plan to throw. I will be a swap meet with live performances and DJ sets. I'm excited...are you?

Random things I love:
Baby Names
(I want to know what you would name your baby.)
Unique Etsy Shops
Swedish Kids like the ones in the band Alphabeat

And I love you for reading my bloggy.
Send me links to good blogs you know about and I think I would like.
Oh I almost forgot! here is the video that won the contest!

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Anonymous said...

1.alphabeaet rules. that lead singer boy and the lead guitarist are so cute!! fyi danish not swedish. although norwegians are boss
2. that video you made is hilarious. good job.
3. tell your friend with the crazy rat tail hair that he rules.
the end