Monday, April 6, 2009

You Are Not Alone

everyone has problems.
and everyone has it hard, especially right now.
you're not the only one.

when you're complaining about how hard your life is, just take a minute to think that someone out there has it harder than you.

I'm just saying, don't take things for granted. Be grateful for all that you have.

In other news I got started on my zine today. Mystical One should be out the same day my music video premieres.

I'm seriously considering submitting a short film to the San Antonio Film Festival.

My etsy shop Knitted Bliss 88 is almost up and running. I have yet to post any items but as soon as I have models and some time to take and upload pictures I will take care of that.

I think song lyrics can save your life. The fact that someone put what you are feeling to music makes you feel as though your life has a soundtrack.

"Come and get me outta this town oh now, come and save me...come and rescue me from this giant hotel full of bones and babies."
- "64 little white things"
Cake Bake Betty

"I heard you crying
Somebody stole my soul
How could I be dying
I turned 20, Five days ago

We're all on the ground,just crying out
Somebody save me please
I won't sit around just thinking about
The troubles that tomorrow brings"

- "Dying to be Alive"

Compared to others around me, my life is running quite smooth.


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i agree with you.
ah i want to see all your shit, katalya!