Sunday, December 7, 2008

You're A Moldy Peach But I Bet You Still Taste Good

Almost over. This semester is almost over. Thank heavens!
Just one final to get over with and I'm golden. Ready for the break to start and ready to start with a clean slate.
Truth be told I've been looking kinda gross lately. I see no reason to keep myself neat and finals week is usually Hell.
I will clean up soon I swear.
Omg, I've just discovered this awesome website via NYLON blog.
It's called Tony B Machine and the website is
There is a little cartoon synth that plays real music and samples and actually records. It's so cute and fun to play with. It makes you feel like a tiny DJ.
I think I will spend my free time mastering the site and making a few mixes in the process.

Is it weird if I repeat a Future Husband because I'm really starting to fall back in love with Vincent Kartheiser. He's just such a convincing actor. He makes you fall in love with everyone of his characters. Or maybe it's just me. But I recently saw some of the movie All I Wanna Do (Strike! or The Hairy Bird) on Youtube. He plays an adorable townie named Snake who is the head of a photography club who specializes in roadkill. Oh and did I mention that Danny Smith comes out in the movie as well. His most notable role was as Merton Dingle in the Fox Family TV show Big Wolf On Campus.
After I saw the best parts of All I Wanna Do, I started to watch clips from Mad Men. I already knew Vincent was on that show and I would watch on occasions. But I think I'm going to have to start watching more often because his character Pete Campbell is becoming three dimensional and they are giving him a lot more camera time. Which is always a good thing if Vincent's involved.

But alas my Future Husband nomination goes to:

Reece Daniel Thompson as Hal Hefner in Rocket Science
He stole my heart as a stuttering kid who joins the debate team.
I feel a kinship to the character of Hal because I also have a stutter.
And I competed in Academic Decathlon in high school and won medals in the Speech category.

I guess that's weird for me to write that I have a stutter. Some people might not notice it but its a medium sized part of who I am. It's not as bad as Hal's in Rocket Science but it gets worse when I'm in San Antonio for some reason. And it is also hard to hide when I talk with my older brother. He seems to bring it out of me. I've never received any speech therapy for it but I've considered it. I see it as something that could only limit me if I were pursuing a career in acting. But at the moment I am not and there fore I have no problem stumbling along in my words.
I really don't like when people point it out though. It's bad enough that I tend to apologize for every word I stutter on.
I guess it's just another one of my quirks!

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