Thursday, May 7, 2009

Schools Out For EVER!!!

today was my last day of school.
I had my Costume Design final this morning and I am tiiiiired.
I can't believe I pulled 15 watercolor renderings out of my behind!

I'm moving out this weekend and I will be going back to San Antonio.
I really need to relax.

I'm ready for summer. I've been ready.
But I'm going to miss St. Edward's.

All my friends are gemz.

I made a music video for the Brooklyn band Etta Place. It premeired at the Sorin Reel Film Festival but I have yet to upload it to my Youtube channel. So, Charles Rogers if you are reading this...please give me my DVD. And congrats on graduation!

Summer Goals...I haven't made my list of summer goals yet but I think now might be the best time to start a legit Zine. I'll probably need some photographers, writers, and graphic designers. This sounds like a plan to me. Get at me if you want in. Or just send me some of your ideas.

Some interesting web zines:


Anonymous said...

I want in!
I've always wanted to do magazine layouts and editorials and such.
But never had the chance or time.
I will be out of school!

And I can put my designs to work!

george dibbya said...

I love your 'film making' or whatever you call it:)