Friday, October 22, 2010

Noche Caliente: Season of The Witch

excuse the absence. i have not forgotten you.

haven't posted in a while blah blah blah yadda yadda dontgiveafuck.
well i've been focusing on my job and my relationship.
eating many xxl chalupas from taco smell
and generally spending wayyy too much money on stuff.
well at least it's money i earned.

here are some pictures that were supposed be for this blog but got lost.
my hair is slightly diff now but you get the jist.

frank on a regular day in the sun.

From The South show

my love nate doing his thing

I will be face painting outside Buffalo Exchange San Antonio on the 30th of October I believe. It's free.
Come on over and I will paint something spooky on your face!

x till we meet again


Anonymous said...

you can ask for a specific size of things at taco bell?

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family and friends have a wonderful one! God bless.