Monday, March 15, 2010

She Wrote Me Letters So I Wrote This Song

y'know what readers??
your lack of comments may have something to do with my lack of posts!!!
juss kidding.
wow. 32 followers!
i'm shocked. when did that happen?
Well I guess I should welcome my new readers:

Welcome everyone. Have fun reading about my mundane fashion choices and creepy obsession with Savage Garden.

My lack of posting is simply due to my lack of material. Sadly.
I have news though!!!
I started attending college again. It's community college but it's really fast paced and foreign.
But the campus is chill so no big deal.

I also got a financial aid return check for the first time EVER. It is seriously sweet and it has come in handy. This means lots and lots of thrifting, trips to MAC, getting the sweetest hat from American Apparel, and 2 pairs of Celeste Stein tights that I have been pining for. Oh and some other junk on ebay I've been meaning to buy.
All of which I will post pics of as soon as I stop being lazy.

This post is more for updates and less about cool stuff. Sorry. I just didn't want anyone to think I wasn't posting anymore.
I read lots of blogs but fail to update my own. lame, i know.

a couple photos to keep you interested.

met sean lennon during SXSW 2010

great polaroid of frank, me, and sarah by the amateur alyssa (lol)

frank and i witching out on 6th street- photo cred: ari


Coco Flowers said...

I really love the second photograph!!!

Judy Lewd said...

fabulous pictures, totally timelees!! i'm so glad you posted.

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to offend but is that blonde hair a wig?

MIKE said...

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Katkatkat said...

thanks Coco! the polaroid belongs to my friend sarah.

thanks for the kind words judy.

Don't worry even my step dad asked if i was wearing a wig. sadly this is my real hair.

Mike are you for real?

Sandra said...

Just drop in. Hello =)