Sunday, June 7, 2009

Selective Reality

this blog is soooo dry right now.
I really would like to read a blog written by a legit chola. or maybe just a chola inspired blog.

It's probably not a good idea to put your blog address on your resume unless you are applying for a job at another blog.

I've started tumbling. Yes, I now have a tumblr. I don't know if I want anybody to know about it yet. I kind of want to be a ghostwriter. Does anyone remember that TV show from the 90's called Ghostwriter? Hmmm...maybe I dreamed that.

I'm currently inspired by: running away. I would have said runaways but that would have sounded like that band the runaways. I'm inspired by street kids who have run away or been kicked out of their home.


Squeaky said...

I love cholos/cholas

Carnelito said...

Las cholas high rollin' at el starbucks

george dubbya said...

I 'member Ghostwriter

who cares? said...

i remember ghostwriter!! *u*
el fantasma escritor :D!!

cholas rifan (L)!!!

i´m in love with ur blog!!

i´ll read it everyday!!!