Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chola Blogging

So from time to time or whenever the mood strikes, I will be blogging as my alter ego: La Sleepy Girl. LSG is a straight up chola who spends most of her days asleep and most of her nights partying with her chicas. Her chicas happen to be gay cholos.

First Post as La Sleepy Girl (should be read with a chola accent):

Hola bloggerz! I just thought I would introduce myself to y'all. My name is La Sleepy Girl. I'm repping for the West Siiide. Haterz back OFF!
I wanted to tell y'all a little about me and some of my favorite things.
Ok so first off my favorite Looney Toonz character is Tweety Bird 'coz he's all bad-ass. He don't take crap from no one (just like me). And he got attitude!

My favorite food of all time is Hot Cheetos wit cheese! Mmm dang that's good.
Its even better when you mix it all in the bag like a frito pie.

I'm a real stylish girl, in case you didn't already know. My favorite store to shop at right now is Melrose. Aye Dios Mio, I love like everything in the store. I could even wear the stuff they sell for pregnant girls.

My favorite movies are Scarface (no surpise there), Selena (RIP baby), and the Fast and the Furious because oh my gawd those guys are hot, especially that vin diesel (ay papi). Oh and the cars in that movie are bad ass.

My favorite TV show is the George Lopez show! Hahaha he's sooo funny. Oh my godd he totally tells it like it is in the hood. You 'member!!!

My favorite music is cumbias, reggaeton, and old skool tejano. I love Daddy Yankee and Cumbia Kings and my girl Selena.

Well now that you know stuff about me I hope you will write back to me about you. Don't be shy. Unless your name is La Shy Girl.
Well that's all for now. Imma go redraw my eye brows. I'm looking a little like La Sad Girl.


WHIZ KID said...

i love you
can i be la jonas girl?!
hahah just kidding

but seriously

Diphie (dippy) said...


wonderbread said...

i'm dreaming of katalya tonight

george dubbya said...