Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Score One For the Sloths!

I'm back! I'm back! I'm baaaack!
At school. At home. At peace.
So much to process and not enough time to write it all down.
So I got my stuff squared away and I'm back at school.
Half time. Taking two classes and working an on-campus job at the costume shop.
I love all my friends and my family.
I have 3 lovely roommates who I'm ecstatic to be living with.
I have so much to blog about.
But I guess this one should be about school.
Okay well I'm in Austin and today was my first official day of classes.
I hung out with some friends today and got caught up.
I attended a meeting for Alpha Psi Omega, the theater fraternity I'm in.
This semester I am an officer for APO!!! I'm the Historian. Well one of the historians.
And this week is pledge week. Lots of fun and lots of stuff to do.
I had a great summer and met some great people.
One in particular goes by the name Jason Castro.
But I'll blog more on that later.
For now all you must know is that my life is great and I'm so grateful for all that I have.
Oh and giving up buying clothes and accessories is harder than I thought.

I'll keep shining dude.

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