Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Till It Hurts

Gosh! Have you ever wanted to start a band?! Well I have. I do. Right at this moment. And I think it is because I feel as though I am not impacting enough people. When you are in a band you make an impact on people's lives. I think. Well my newest mini-obsession is the band M83. Well it is more of just one person but with a persona I guess and a backup band. I've thought about just doing solo music but I would feel so...alone. Most performers nowadays are solo and they just go by a name like a band would. Like PlayRadioPlay!'s just Dan but when he tours he needs a drummer and a guitarist and others. But he can play all the instruments by himself. I don't know how to play an instrument. And I'm not even that good at singing. But what I lack in skill and talent I make up for in personality, poise, presence, and style. I think I look like the lead singer of a band. One time this guy in a store told me and my friend that we both looked like drummers :)
I guess. He was a model. What do they know?

The hardest part of starting a band though is finding a good band name. All the good ones are taken. I've googled and Myspace searched all the best ones I could come up with but it was in vain. All my best ideas were already thought.

Back to the band M83. I stumbled upon them by chance while flipping through TeenVogue. The cover to their album Saturdays=Youth just caught my eye.

Upon listening to a few of their songs I fell in love. M83 sounds like a cute French boy whispering a diary (or blog) entry into your ear and a fuzzy guitar vibrating in your other ear while you are watching the best 80's movie on television. There music video are really awesome and are perfect examples of the kind of short films I'd like to make.

I feel old. I should have started being awesome and creative earlier in life so that I could have been a child prodigy or wunderkind. I just thought I'd tell you that.

If I were you the questions I would ask me would be:
What type of music do you want to make?
My answer: Chiptune/Christian/Dance/Electronica/Praise&Worship
Who would be in your band?
My answer: My friends of course and also people from other bands who would do guest vocals on some tracks
What sets your "band" apart from all other bands?
My answer: I haven't found any Praise&Worship music to dance to my band would fill that gap by providing dance-able music for young Christians to enjoy.

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