Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This Place Is A Dead Zone

Hello Readers!
yep...all 39 of you. Hahhaha.
I'm sure there are a few more readers or way less actually.
So not very much updating since that last post, huh?
Well I'm busy with school and work. Yes, I work.
I've actually been working at a vintage store in San Antonio called Vintage House.
They have been open for a year and a half now and it has been really fun working here.
I do a little bit of everything.
I'm actually blogging from work right now.
And I think the store is starting their own blog soon so I will most likely be helping them with that too.

I have also been spending time with Nathan, the love of my life.
The above picture was taken at Vintage House where he spent the day keeping me company at work.

Currently Listening to: Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Man"
didn't know this song applied to me till now
"I gotta man that makes me wanna KILL!!"
and that he does.

I'm perfectly fine adapting to my "Dark Hippie" lifestyle.
urb dictionary defn: a person who follows both the Gothic scene and the neo-Hippie movement. People in it believe in the neohippie ideology,peace,love ect. but they also have the dark out look of the goths. death,vampires ect.

(images via Sisters of the Black Moon, Sun In Scorpio, and Cosmic Dust tumblrs)

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