Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Born Unicorn

it is only when you have lost something that you realize how much you take for granted.

photo of nate taken by me!

the new year is upon us and one whole decade is now behind us.
i'm now 21 years of age and i have yet to take a legal drink. i'd like it to keep it that way.
christmas was pretty rad...i got lots of neat presents. like a Harold and Maude book, Slim Twig's CD Contempt!, The Tracey Fragments...etc. etc.
oh and for my birthday i got an awesome Lisa Frank jacket that Frank found in Arizona...i will have to photograph it soon.
a sweet i-zone polaroid camera with film
a cute fred perry polo
a lovely fur caplet that was given to me by my mum. the very caplet i wanted but could not afford.
and javi bought me some cute dresses at the urban outfitters sale! cool.

i should photograph all that stuff but maybe i should do that at a better time.
right now i'm trying to regain some stolen things of mine :(

Ever since Frank introduced me to the blog Slutever I've been wanting to live in a squat and write a blog about my exploits...but i already live pretty much rent free and my dad's home is somewhat like a squat so I think it all evens out.

i will continue to live vicariously through other bloggers.

image via fatale femmes

oh and just because you listen to a certain band it doesn't mean that their music is didn't discover them and you didn't invent the band so just stfu!
...i'm just sayin' I'm tired of all the music elitists.
listen to the jams and SHUT UP!!

photo taken by frank isaac


Pygmy Cea said...

2009: Complacency & Stupor
2010: ...

w/ love

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